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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Hitachi AFM5300E Environmental Control Atomic Force Microscope

The Hitachi research-grade AFM5300E offers significantly improved sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution of electromagnetic property measurements operated under high-vacuum conditions. Furthermore, it establishes a benchmark for comprehensive environmental control and is the only tool on the market affording AFM imaging in air/liquid/vacuum, a broad temperature range (-120 C to 800 C), magnetic field or humidity controls, as well as correlated AFM/SEM/ion milling investigations.


An environmentally-controlled atomic force microscope for observations under various conditions, the AFM5300E allows surface measurements in AIR, LIQUID, or under VACUUM. Robust temperature control via the "surface-shifting temperature monitor" enables real-time quantitative and qualitative measurements of surface properties as a function of temperature.


1. In response to environmental measurement needs
(supports optic system in air/continuous heating and cooling)

The AFM5300E measures samples in environments that cannot be measured by conventional atomospheric SPMs. It supports electric measurements under a high-vacuum environment in which you can minimize the influence of surface moisture. It also supports material-characteristic mapping of samples under heated and cooled conditions. The newly developed "Temperature Sweep Function" monitors measurements off the measurable Z-axis range due to the thermal expansion or shrinkage of samples and provides feedback control, so that the material characteristics can be continuously measured by keeping the cantilever in touch with the sampel surfaces (Japan Patent Nos. 3857581 and 3926638).

  • Measurement in Air, Liquid, Vacuum, Gas (flow control)
  • Temperature Control: Heating/Cooling (-120 to 300 degree C) and High Temperature (Room Temp to 800 degree C)
  • Humidity Control (0 to 80%)
  • Accommodates Applied Magnetic Field (horizontal, perpendicular, rotation, max 5000 Oe - Optional Unit required)

2. Simple operation by the integrated holder flange

The open/shut function of the integrated holder flange simplifies the insertion/replacement of samples and the replacement of the scanner, eliminating the need for tools. It is no longer necessary to adjust the optical axis after sample replacement, which has been a must for the conventional environmental-control SPMs. Furthremore, it even elimintes the need to replace the holder when switching measurement modes.

3. Superior performance

The "Swing Cancel" Function minimizes the swinging of the samples to reduce the drift (under 0.015 nm/sec). The reliability has been improved by enhancing the basic performance critical for nano-order structural analysis.

4. Improved resolution of the electrical characteristic mode by reducing the influence of surface moisture

When observicing electrical characteristics, resolution may be affected by the influence of moisture on the sample surface or probe. The AFM5300E eliminates moisture and contaminants on sample surfaces in the vacuum state, and makes it possible to observe high-resolution, high-sensitivity images.


DETECTION SYSTEM Low coherent optic lever method
4 part transition detection system
RESOLUTION Atomic Resolution  
SAMPLE SIZE Maximum 20mmφ, Thickness 10mm  
SCAN RANGE 20 um x 20um/1.5 µmH 150 µm x 150µm/5 µmH
15 µm x 15µm/1.5 µmH (Closed system)
POSITIONING MICROSCOPE   Simple microscope (x200)
Optic microscope (x1000)
Zoom microscope (x700)
Metal microscope (with differential interference, x2000 mag)
PM (Phase)
FFM (Friction)
MFM (Magnetic force)
SIS mode
LM-FFM (Traverse vibration friction)
VE-AFM/DFM (visco-elasticity)
Adhesion (absorption force)
SSRM (Spread resistanceļ¼‰
PRM (piezo-electric response)
KFM (Surface phase)
AFM/DFM in solution
EC-AFM/STM (Electrochemistry)
NanoIndentation (Hardness)
Nano-TA (nano-thermal)


High Temperature Heating Sample Stand

Heating Cooling Sample Stand

Cooling Dewar

Temperature Controller



Discover the Nano-World with the Hitachi AFM5300E.