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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

HD-2700 Cs-Corrected FE-STEM

The HD-2700 is a 80-200 kV field emisison gun scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) with seconday electron (SE) imaging capability. Bulk and surface structures of specimen can be imaged simultaneously. With the option for probe-forming aberration corrector, ultra-high resolution can be achieved for both STEM and SE imaging. The Hitachi corrector minimizes the user's effort in doing aberration correction. Large solid angle EDS and atomic spatial resolution EDS and EELS spectrum imaging are enabled.


The incomparable HD-2700 dedicated STEM features the Hitachi developed spherical aberration correction system affording unmatched resolution and analytical sensitivity. By correcting the spherical aberration, resolution of less than 0.1 nm can be achieved in dark-field STEM mode. The HD-2700 is ideally suited for R&D and QC applications in materials science, semiconductors and nanotechnology.

Increased (10x) probe current of the HD-2700 enables high-speed, high-sensitivity EDX analysis (solid angle greater than 0.3sr). This allows extremely rapid acquisition of elemental distribution images even for elements at low concentrations. The HD-2700 column is compatible with Dual EDX detectors for ultra high sensitivity EDX analysis. Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry is also available for analysis of light elements with enhanced spatial resolution.

Extremely versatile imaging allows simultaneous multiple-image acquisition and display with a wide variety of combinations including SE/BF, SE/DF, BF/DF, DF/EDX and DF/EELS.

The HD-2700 employs the same simplicity of operation as the Hitachi HD-series, and the holders are compatible with the Hitachi FB and NB (Focused Ion Beam) systems ensuring seamless operation and exchange between instruments.


Image Resolution w/o Cs-corrector:
  • 0.204 nm guaranteed (at a magnification of x4,000,000)
w/ Cs-corrector:
  • 0.144 nm guaranteed (at a magnification of x7,000,000)(Std. lens)
  • 0.136 nm guaranteed (HAADF image)
  • 0.105 nm guaranteed (by FFT)(at a magnification of x7,000,000)(HR lens(*))
Magnification x100 – x10,000,000
Accelerating voltage 200 kV, 120 kV(*)
Video signal Bright field STEM: Phase contrast image (TE image)
Dark field STEM: Z-contrast image (ZC image)
Secondary electron image (SE image)
Electron diffraction(*)
Characteristic X-ray analysis and mapping(EDX)(*)
EELS analysis and mapping(EV3000)(*)
Electron optics Electron source: Schottkey emitter or Cold field emitter (*)
Illumination lens system: 2-stage condenser lens
Cs-corrector(*): Hexapole transfer lens design
Scanning coil:  2-stage electromagnetic coil
ZC collection angle control: Projector lens design
Electromagnetic image shift: ±1 μm
Specimen stage Specimen movement: X/Y = ±1 mm, Z= ±0.4 mm
Specimen tilt: Single-tilt holder: ±30° (Std. lens), ±18° (HR lens(*))
Vacuum system

Ion pump x3, TMP x1

Ultimate vacuum: 10-8Pa (Electron gun), 10-5Pa (Specimen chamber)

Image display

PC/OS: PC/AT compatible, Windows®XP

Monitor: 19-inch LCD

Image frame size:640x480,1,280x960,2,560x1,920 pixels

Scan speed: TV, Slow (0.5 to 320 s/frame)

Auto data display: Recording No., accelerating voltage, micron bar Magnification, date, time



High resolution STEM imaging

  • HAADF-STEM image 0.136nm, FFT image 0.105nm (HR lens(*))
  • HAADF-STEM image 0.144nm (Std. lens)
  • BF STEM image 0.204nm (w/o Cs-corrector)

High-speed & high-sensitivity EDX analysis: Probe current x 10 times

  • Elemental mapping in more rapid timely manner
  • Low-concentration element detection

Simplified operation

  • Automatic image alignment function

Seamless solution from sample preparation to observation & analysis.

  • Holder compatibility with Hitachi FIB

Versatile evaluation & analysis function with various options

  • Simultaneous acquisition & display of SE&BF, SE&DF, BF&DF, DF/EDX mapping(*) and DF/EELS mapping(*) images.
  • Low Dose function(*) (minimizing electron beam damage & contamination of specimen)
  • High precision magnification calibration & measurement(*)
  • Live diffraction unit(*) (Simultaneous observation of DF-STEM image and Diffraction pattern)
  • Automatic tilt-series image acquisition function using 3D micro-pillar rotation holder (360°rotation)(*)
  • ELV-3000 Real-time Elemental mapping system(*) (simultaneously acquired with DF-STEM image)


Application Notes

Note Number:
This paper introduces a technology breakthrough: atomic resolution secondary electron imaging has been realized, for the first time,on Hitachi 200-300 kV STEM/SEM and TEM/STEM/SEM correlative electron microscopes. Interior and surface structures of materials can now be imaged at atomic resolution simultaneously.This breakthrough opens a wide variety of applications in materials science, nanoscience, and semiconducting metrology.