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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Hitachi HT7700 120kV High-Contrast/High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope

The HT7700 with Dual-Mode objective lens features superior high-contrast and high-resolution performance together with analytical capabilities for biological and materials science. Digital design and sophisticated automation increase throughput for both novice and advanced users. Maximize contrast by lowering the high voltage through the 120-40kV range and continue operation seamlessly. Configure the HT7700 to meet all of your advanced sample analysis needs, with customization options for BF-/DF-STEM, EDX, in-situ, cryo-microscopy, and electron tomography.


Celebrating 70 years of microscopy excellence, Hitachi offers the sleek HT7700 for maximum performance and productivity.

The radical design incorporates the ergonomics and user friendliness of a SEM with advanced automation, resolution and analytical capabilities of a TEM. Imaging is completely digital – you won't find a viewing or projector chamber—and Hitachi's EMIP-SP database software automatically catalogues your single frame and montaged images.

The turbopump evacuation system guarantees fast pumpdown times and a clean vacuum environment. With a wealth of options, you can tailor the microscope to the demands of your lab.


  • Ergonomic design, operates with the ease of a SEM
  • No viewing or camera chamber
  • High stability 5-axis side-entry Hiper stage
  • Turbopump vacuum system
  • Auto-brightness, focus and astigmatism correction
  • 3-D tomography
  • Low magnification/wide field of view
  • Auto Multi-Frame - Automated digital montage function
  • BF/DF STEM and EDS options
  • High-resolution objective lens option available


Resolution 0.20nm lattice
Accelerating Voltage 40 to 120kV, 100V increments
Magnification Low mag: 50X – 1,000X
Zoom: 200X – 600,000X
Image Rotation +/-90° in 15° steps
Auto-focus/stigmation Auto-focus (+/-50µm at 20,000X)
Auto-stigmation (+/-2µm at 20,000X)




1.4Å Performance with Hitachi's HT7700 EXALENS
The HT7700 with EXALENS high resolution objective lens sets the new performance standard for 40-120kV microscopy – 1.4Å at low accelerating voltages with minimal beam damage.

HT7710 High-Performance, High-Resolution BF/DF STEM for Nano-Scale Analysis