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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrophotometers Quantax70

It is the useful tool for sample surface observation and screening analysis.

Typical Configuration of TM3030 with Quantax70
Built-in EDX detector

(Manufactured for Hitachi High-Technologies corporation by Bruker Nano GmbH)


  • Light Element detection from Boron upwards.
  • Linescan,Mapping and multiple Point Analysis available.
  • No LN2 required. Quick and Easy Analysis obtained within minutes.
  • Image and elemental data displayed on the same monitor.

Point/Line Analysis



Detector type Silicon drift detector (SDD)
Energy resolution 154 eV (Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 135 eV with Mn-Kα)
Detection element B5 - Am95
Qualitative analysis Automatic ID and manual peak ID
Quantitative analysis Standardless quantitative analysis