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Hitachi High-Technologies in Canada

Ultra-high Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8010

The SU8010 UHR FE-SEM has excellent imaging performance for the wide variety of demanding high-resolution applications in material research, development, and industrial quality control.


The SU8010 incorporates Hitachi's ultra-high-resolution semi-in-lens electron optics with the Super-ExB filter and an Upper detector above the objective lens, and a Lower detector is also included as a standard feature.


Hitachi's unique super ExB filtering technique

Hitachi's unique SE-BSE filtering & mixing function significantly expands the electron signal detection capabilities. The voltage of the Super ExB filtering & conversion electrode can be changed by simply using a mouse to shift a slider on the user interface, thereby allowing the SE-BSE signal ratio to be freely adjusted from a pure SE image via LA-BSE with reduced SE contribution to pure LA-BSE. This allows users to select from top sample surface topographical and electric potential difference information, sample composition and crystal orientation difference information, and a mixture of both according to the user's own application with the chance to eliminate unwanted charging artifacts by filtering out low-energy electrons affected by charging.

SU8010 01
SU8010 02
Sample : Photocatalyst
Vacc : 3.0 V
Magnification : 50kx
Sample courtesy of : Nagaoka University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Kazunori Sato

Application Data

Life Sciences

Staphylococcus Aureus

Courtesy of Medical Mycology Research Center,
Chiba University
Dr. Masashi Yamaguchi

Ultra low voltage image (0.8 kV, BSE) shows fine gold particles along the surface

Materials Science


Acquisition Condition : 100 V

Ultra low energy beam image reveals molecular step of Pentacene (1.5 nm).


Landing Voltage : 0.5 kV
Mag. : 300k×
Courtesy of St. Jude Medical, CRMD, U.S.A.

Ultra low voltage/High resolution image of non-conductive specimen.


EBIC application on Silicon Solar Cell (Cross Section)

SE image(Upper)
SE image(Upper)

EBIC image
EBIC image

Two-color composite image
Two-color composite image

By composed the EBIC image (upper right) on the SE image (upper left), it is possible to visualize the P/N junction position and diffusion area.