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Hitachi High-Technologies in Europe

Electronic Components

It is to a wide variety of industries that the Electronic Components Department of Hitachi High-Technologies in Europe supplies its impressive range of state-of-the-art products. Incorporated in many of the world's leading-edge products including phones, smart cards, in-car entertainment systems and computer equipment are devices supplied through Hitachi High-Technologies. The impressive and ever-changing line-up of products include Hitachi semiconductors, integrated circuits, LCDs and colour display tubes. Industries served include: telecommunications, automotive and computer products.
Hitachi High-Technologies prides itself on the calibre of its personnel and employs a network of specialists to identify trends, develop product demand and serve a coordinators between suppliers and customers. In-house electronic experts with intensive product knowledge are available for complete customer support.

  • Electron tubes and devices
  • Semiconductor devices

Electronic Material

The Metals and Materials Department of Hitachi High-Technologies in Europe is unique among the group in that it supplies traditional manufacturing materials as well as super-pure semiconductor silicon and other state-of-the-art materials. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, engineering plastics and other resins are supplied to manufacturers of a wide range of industrial and high-tech products. With particular emphasis on the semiconductor market, Hitachi High-Technologies in Europe also offers additional manufacturing support services including procurement planning, inventory control and warehouse services to help customers meet their production schedules.
Ever mindful of the fast-moving environment, Hitachi High-Technologies specialists are always on the look-out for new and vital information on the latest in production technology for the manufacture of super-conductors, new batteries and other sophisticated materials and components.
As the area of electronic and information processing equipment becomes more complex, Hitachi High-Technologies has placed a special emphasis on the marketing of new ceramics, semiconductors, opto-electronic components, super-pure chemicals, quartz products and organic and inorganic chemical products.

  • ceramics
  • semiconductors
  • opto-electronic components
  • superpure chemicals
  • quartz products
  • organic and inorganic chemical products

Automotive Sensor & Control Devices

Automotive Devices

  • Sensors for automobiles
  • Pressure switches and pressure sensors

Industrial Materials

Special Steel Products

  • Metal alloys for construction, high alloy tubes, stainless steel, stainless pipes, bearing steel
  • Powdered metals
  • Steel casting products