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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

High-Tech solutions unleashed amidst the fierce rivalries of the business world not only solve clients' business issues, they also create new value. Together with innovation, this ingenuity creates new markets and enriches lifestyles. Here, we explore high-tech solutions and focus on projects blending business and social contribution activities to provide people with hope and inspire society.

Here and Now

01 Reconstruction Support for Disaster-affected Areas

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Special Lesson:
At One with the Universe
@ Kitakami Junior High School in Ishinomaki
Released: August, 2012

02 Support for Science Education

Tackling the Globalized Problem of the Waning Interest in Science:
On the Frontlines of Science Education Programs
Released: September 2012

03 On the Cutting Edge of Clinical Testing

The Ceaseless Pursuit of Rapid Testing in the Quest for Safe, Quality Medical Care
@ Clinical Testing Division, Juntendo University Hospital, Jutendo University Medical Faculty
Released: December 2012

04 The Here and Now of Space Development

The project within the Hayabusa project to assemble the best and the brightest to unravel the mysteries of the birth of the solar system
Released: March 2013

05 Collaborating in the Electron Microscope Business

Opening Up New Industrial and Academic Fields and Advancing the Sophistication of Electron Microscope Technology
Released: September 2013

06 Corporate Sports Today

From Corporate "Billboard" to the "Personification" of Internal Branding: Corporate Sports as a Management Tool
Released: October 2013

07 Inspection Technology for the Shinkansen Services

Inspection Technology that Guarantees the World's Highest Safety Levels in High-Speed Rail Transport
- A Shinkansen Not Mentioned in the Timetables -
Released: January 2014

08 The Key to Food Safety and Security

Moving into the Global Market, Aiming to Boost Rice Consumption Accurate Inspection Processes Hold the Key to Food Safety and Security
Released: May 2014

09 Brain Science

On the Frontlines of the Solutions Business that Enabled Visualization Technologies for Cerebral Functions
Released: September 2014

10 Strategic CSR Activities

Aiming for Companies’ Unique Value Creation through Corporate Social Outreach Activities Deeply Rooted in Business
Released: March 2015

  • * This content originally appeared in the Nikkei Shimbun's digital advertisement feature, Shakai wo yutaka ni suru hai tekku soryushon, published between June 2012 and March 2015, and is reproduced with permission.