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Hitachi-Hightech Science Outreach ProgramHitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

  • stop children From Moving Away From the Sciences!
  • Sowing seeds of curiosity for science in the future
  • 科学の未来のために、好奇心のタネを蒔く
  • How Hitachi High-Technologies Helps Support Science Education Progress with activities to date

Inspire STEM Outreaches:Ibaraki University in Hitachi Campus

Ibaraki, Japan

June 11th, we carried out machine experience booth using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" in a school festival (Kogaku festival) held in Ibaraki University Hitachi campus. In the event, we showed each branches' introduction video of Hitachi, Ltd. as the cosponsorship with the local Hitachi, Ltd. Electricity business unit.

The participants were approximately 30 people including students of local schools and alumni of Hitachi, Ltd. During the experience of "the world that the thing which you knew did not know", they observed samples such as sugar, salt, ants and human hair.

There was the child who learned a point of the operation immediately, and pushed forward observation by oneself smoothly.

Participant observed an ant
(Participant observed an ant)

Inspire STEM Outreaches:Science outreaches in capital Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

On May 25th to 26th, we carried out science outreaches using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" at the 78th elementary and junior high school, The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”. Year 2017 is the 25th anniversary year of the Japan and the Ukrainian diplomacy establishment. These outreaches were held as part of "Japan year in Ukraine" when various interchange projects and culture events are taken place.

On 25th we observed samples for member of the biology club of the 78th elementary and junior high school. The students viewed poplar cotton wool, ants, parsley and dill which were gathered in the city, and they showed strong interest and listened to the lecture eagerly.

We also demonstrated "TM3030" for teachers and students of the "Kiev Polytechnic Institute". During the demonstration, specialized questions such as electron microscope function and performance were given by the attendants. Moreover we received an observation request of a sample in conjunction with the specialized field of an attendant.

children and microscope
(children and microscope)

University class scenery
(University class scenery)

On 26th at the event meeting place, elementary school students with their parents and business people observed various samples in a quiz style class and experienced the micro-world. We obtained a comment, "Children were really excited that they observed the minute surface structure such as a model unlike the observation image of the optical microscope.".

elementary and junior high school scenery
(elementary and junior high school scenery)

Inspire STEM Outreaches:National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

On Saturday, February 25, 2017, we carried out an event for children using desk model tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology. This event is one of the programs which microscope society Kanto Branch, Japan planned. Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. cooperated and gave a demonstration to watch a sample in "TM3030".
22 citizens including children of the third grader to seventh grader participated in this event.

Specimen: Diatom
(Specimen: Diatom)

Specimen: Ant
(Specimen: Ant)

The participant watched difference between crystals of salt and sugar, butterfly's compound eye, and diatom which looks like round slices fruits. When we use electron microscope to expand the thing which is usually in surroundings, these seem totally different.

High-tech Staff explain the tabletop electron microscope
(High-tech Staff explain the tabletop electron microscope)

Inspiring STEM Outreaches: Tohoku University, QATAR SCIENCE CAMPUS

Tohoku University, a Qatari science campus (Miyagi)

We carried out an event for children using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" in Tohoku University, QATAR SCIENCE CAMPUS. Tohoku University hosted the event, and we worked, and the member of the CSR and Corporate Communications Dept. performed a lecturer titled "observation with the electron microscope - the thing which I knew did not know".
The participants were 28 elementary school students (3 to 6 grade) of the neighborhood.
Participant brought samples which they wanted to look in TM3030 at this event. Algae, dust, a salted sea tangle, a cover of the yogurt, a lot of samples which seem to be interesting including DNA of the banana.

DNA from Banana
(DNA from Banana)

And we had the student assistant from Tohoku University and, they help participants set the sample on the sample level.

Student assistant help participants to make sample level
(Student assistant help participants to make sample level)

Participants operated an electron microscope by oneself, and they observed own sample. We used the big monitor of the conference room and looked in all the members including a visitor. Participants are surprised and had fun to observe the micro-figure which had not looked at the structure of a cell and the thing of the plant.

We were overwhelmed by the huge monitor!!
(We were overwhelmed by the huge monitor!!)

Carry out the class for the teachers of the local junior high school in Taiwan


On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, we did a how to use tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" class for the teacher of the local school in Hitachi High-Technologies Taiwan. A national staff cooperated with the member of CSR, the corporate Communications Department and explained the utilization idea by the electron microscopic structure and class with an actual machine on that day.

Explanation of the how to use idea by the national staff
(Explanation of the how to use idea by the national staff)

13 teachers of the junior high school participated. We observed the surface of the pinion or the pore of the plant. There were earnest questions and answers although being interesting, everybody, and being a pleasure.
Participants said the impression of using the TM3030 as “the idea of the new class sprang out", "to be able to use the highest technique by so simple operation!!" and "I thought to lead to more motivation up of the student" (if I do the class that utilized the tabletop electron microscope).

Left: The pollen of the hibiscus Right: 13 teachers of the junior high school which participated
(Left: The pollen of the hibiscus    Right: 13 teachers of the junior high school which participated)

There was the teacher that local idiomatic phrase "也引人入勝" (meaning: attract a person and make it crazy about it) was commented on as an impression among them.
In CSR・Corporate Communications Department, we promote the pleasant science education outreach that we made use of the highest technique and knowledge in with the friend inside and outside the company.

Inspiring STEM Outreaches: Girls Scouts; "When I Grow Up"

NASA Ames Research Center

We helped out as operation and guidance staff in the Tabletop Electron Microscope corner at "When I Grow Up", the public event held on November 5th by the Girl Scouts of Northern California in partnership with the NASA Ames Office of Education.
This project is about increasing women in STEM fields, and the target audience is girls, in grades 6th – 12th who are interested in STEM fields. We gave the approximately 500 participants unique opportunity to view the nanoworld.
The workshop allowed the children to network with women who are working in STEM fields. The presenters were encourages to bring a hands-on activity to the workshop to inspire the student’s and passion about pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers.

Inspiring STEM Outreaches: Ohlone College Biotechnology

Ohlone College

On October 31st to November 4th, the Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was installed into one of the Biotechnology Instructional Laboratories in Ohlone College (California).
During this semester, TM3030 was used slightly differently in each of Biology class. In Environmental Biology class used the TM3030 to view specimens collected from the local environment. Giving students a new window on the diverse organisms living right here on campus. The Environmental Biology class used the TM3030 to observe lichen, insects, spiders, and flowers.
The Biotechnology class is comparing the images and date that can be obtained from a SEM vs. a compound light microscope vs. a stereo microscope. The Biotechnology class viewed liverworts, mosses, hair, banana fibers, dried yeast, kimwipes, flowers, and one student analyzed a special kind of laboratory glove coasted with Sericin, a silk protein, and looked at silk cocoons.

Inspiring Stem Outreach: ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary School

ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary School

The Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was at the ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary school in October 24th to 28th, which gave the school’s 400 students a unique opportunity to view the nanoworld.
ASU Prep’s students were able to experience using the TM3030 in their STEM classes. Kinder-4th grade students used the TM3030, which is capable of seeing details at 30,000 times greater than the human eye, to observe the surface of a penny, while 5th and 6th grade students views a prepared sample of a scorpion. 7th and 8th grade students were able to view DNA bundles that they had extracted from a strawberry the previous week. 7th and 8th grade classes were also able to prepare their own specimens for observation.

Inspiring STEM Outreach: ASU Prep High School, Polytechnic

ASU Prep High School, Polytechnic

On October 19th to 21rd, the Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was installed in a classroom at Arizona State University Preparatory Academy high school program.
The students were astonished by the detail of the samples under the microscope. For their first experience, the science teacher set up the microscope to have a high magnification (×1.2K) on the star sand. As students were observing the screen, the magnification was slowly decreased all the way to about ×40. The students were amazed and wanted to know how the microscope could get that much detail and they wanted to view more samples.
At the science classes all used the TM3030 as they were learning about various topics. The AS Level Biology class was learning about different types of microscopes and how to measure specimens with scales and other tools. The students were able to see how a scanning electron microscope works for the first time in person, which made a lasting impact on their understanding.
The IGCSE Biology and A Level Biology courses were learning about various topics at the microscope level. The TM3030 was used to help students see that there is a hidden world in biology that we cannot see with our naked eyes. It helped students grasp the perspective of various microscope structures.
The Life Science Capstone classes learned how the scanning electron microscope works and then conducted research into uses and career fields directly and indirectly affected by electron microscopes.

Science Class Presentation

Usui-minami middle school

In a 3rd grade science class at Usui-minami Middle School, students observed many kinds of microbes (mold, yeast fungus, and bacteria) with the Tabletop Electron Microscope for their science unit "Connection with Nature World". While comparing images of an optical microscope in a textbook, students learned the mechanism of electron microscope and developed an understanding of each microbe. Also introduced was the relation with Yoshinori Ohsumi, who received the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for mechanisms for Autophagy.

Exhibition and demonstration of Tabletop Electron Microscope at "Japan-Korea Festival 2016 in Seoul"

COEX Exhibition Hall (Seoul)

At the Japan-Korea Festival 2016 in Seoul, we participated as operation and guidance staff at the public event held on October 2, 2016. This festival originated in 2005 as the "Japan-Korea Friendship Year" which is a 40th anniversary of normalization of Japan-Korea diplomatic relations. From 2009, both Tokyo and Seoul have held the festival. Japan held the festival on September 24th and 25th at Hibiya Park.

On the day of the festival, there were many booth and events from Japan-Korea companies and local government. About 60,000 people attended and there were many participants in our booth observing images from the TM3030 experiencing the discovery of an "unknown world of familiar things" of insects and daily necessity.

Inspiring STEM Outreaches: Harvey School

Harvey School

On September 19th to 23rd, the portable Tabletop Electron Microscope(TM3030) was installed in a classroom at Harvey School. At the classroom, students viewed samples of porcupine quills, praying mantis, human hair and skin, various fabrics, sugar, salt, and flowers. A science teacher stated that the art teacher at the school took copies of the images that the students produced with the TM3030. The Art teacher has a project planned where the students use to create other works of art. In all, approximately 150 students were able to have quality, hand-on time with the TM3030.