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Hitachi High-Technologies in Singapore

Differential Pressure / Pressure Transmitter Series

Hitachi differential pressure / pressure transmitter series are high quality transmitters that are the result of technology and experience over the years. These equipment play an active role in a variety of fields such as the chemical, petrochemistry, food, and electricity. In particular, they have gained a high reputation with regard to vacuum processes.

Hitachi differential pressure / pressure transmitter series, have a wide range of products according to applications, and can be used in various processes.

Hitachi transmitter product line-up

Highly reliable, compact and lightweight, the high quality Hitachi differential pressure and pressure transmitter HINL N7 series is easy to use.

The HINL N6 Series analog transmitters are a next-generation analog transmitter equipped with the proven and highly-reliable N6 series semiconductor sensors.

Through the adoption of its own manufacturing process and pressure receiving structure, the N7 series can fully cover up to 310 ℃, 0.013KPa abs.

Hitachi's absolute pressure transmitters can achieve excellent long-term stability with regard to absolute pressure measurement of various plants.

In combination with the EDB500M type composite converter; individual output of differential pressure, pressure and temperature can be achieved.

A high-precision, multi-function digital pressure gauge with a compact body that is easy to use in field measurements.