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Hitachi High-Technologies in Singapore

Analog Type Differential Pressure / Pressure Transmitter

The HINL N6 Series Analog transmitters are the next-generation analog transmitters equipped with the semiconductor sensor of N6 series that are proven to be highly reliable.


  • It has smooth response characteristics unique to analog equipment, and has high-speed tracking functions.
  • It has excellent performance with regard to radiation resistance, and has been evaluated to withstand radiation up to 51.6C / kg (2 × 105R), making it suitable for use in an atomic power plant.

Analog differential pressure and pressure transmitter product line-up

ApplicationModelProduct name
Measurement of flow rate Differential pressure transmitter
Measurement of level (liquid
Differential Pressure Transmitter with
remote-sealed diaphragm
Measurement of pressure Pressure transmitter
Measurement of absolute
Absolute pressure transmitter

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