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Hitachi High Technologies in America

HiQ EnSenseTM Temperature Monitoring System

Hitachi HiQ environmental monitoring sensors provide best-in-class wireless range and connectivity. Incorporating proprietary networking protocols, they feature dense network operation (point-to-point, point-to-multi-point) and localized, corporate, or global roaming device configurations. All HiQ Ensense™ devices are remotely configurable.


Why invest in an automated monitoring system?

Human errors related to manual monitoring of temperature and moisture in critical environments can negatively affect consumer safety, resulting in illness and inventory losses. Programmed, automated monitoring can eliminate such errors while reducing labor expense, and-most importantly-provide reliable, continuous, and accurate data.

HiQ Ensense provides the ability to monitor data remotely, as well as the flexibility to remotely configure the frequency of data collection and transmission, reducing travel and labor expenses. Automated monitoring in these situations also ensures correct and timely information.

In addition, with automated monitoring, data is collected 24/7. Information is collected and backed-up even during power outages. Users are notified of alarm or near-breach conditions so the frequency of data transmission may be adjusted and corrective actions taken. Whether conditions are stable or unstable, HiQ Ensense allows for complete customization of data collection schedules-all remotely.

Why automated monitoring? More reliable data. Better informed decisions. Lower risk. Greater profitability. Industry applications include: Food services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and climate-affected industries.



  • Sampling of temperature data at user configurable intervals
  • Storage and transmission of data according to customer-defined parameters
  • Custom alerts for out-of-spec environmental conditions
  • Increased data transmission rates when alarm or change conditions are exceeded
  • Storage of sample data during power/LAN/internet outages with subsequent transmission when service is restored
  • Allows for remote re-configuration of sensors
  • Data accessibility via customer’s server, web page, PC, and mobile device
  • Press of a button remote upgrading of gateway firmware
  • Up to 2 months storage capacity of temperature data sampled every 10 minutes
  • Reliable: 1-Year Warranty & Up-to-5-Year Battery Life*
  • Watertight: All-Aluminum Casing & Corrosion-Resistant Seal
  • Durable: Flexible External Antenna & Robust Internal Connections
Instances of up-to-7-year battery life are possible in certain conditions.



HiQ Ensense Brochure

HiQ Ensense environmental monitoring sensors provide best-in-class wireless range and connectivity.