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Please join us for our free webinar, "See STEM in a New Light: Introducing Hitachi’s New UVD-STEM Solution," presented by Atsushi Muto. Registration is required.


2:00 PM EDT, Thursday, May 14, 2020 (Approx. 20 min long)

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Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) is widely utilized today in many fields including biology, soft materials, semiconductors, and materials science for synergistic analyses that encompass not only surface information, but also that of fine inner composition. There are two main types of STEM imaging, Bright-Field (BF) and Dark-Field (DF), which utilize the physics of an electron microscope in order to obtain different but equally valuable information. There are challenges with such techniques, however, when using a conventional SEM. In this session, we will investigate the principles of STEM imaging in an SEM by highlighting advantages of a new UVD-STEM technology that utilizes light signals for high-resolution, low-noise transmitted images moreover making such analysis applicable and available to a wider range of users.


Atsushi Muto
Atsushi Muto

Mr. Atsushi Muto is a Senior Applications Engineer in the Nanotechnology Systems Division of Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc., and works from the Clarksburg office in Maryland. In his current role, he supports the Americas providing technical expertise, applications development, and collaborative research activities. His research interests include FE-SEM system development, broad ion beam/focused ion beam applications, and variable pressure electron microscopes.

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