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Join us for this webinar, “SÆMic.: A Complete Solution for Correlative AFM-SEM Analysis.”

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In this webinar, we will introduce the Hitachi atomic force microscope (AFM) product line-up and take a deeper dive into a revolutionary correlative AFM-SEM solution known as SÆMic. The SÆMic. platform offers both facilitated sample navigation and environmental control for combined AFM-SEM studies of composition, topography, physical properties, and more at the same sample location. This multifaceted approach allows for not only a comprehensive characterization of complex materials, but also a better understanding of surface and composition from all angles. Please join us to discuss these and more topics related to this cutting-edge technology.


2:00 PM EDT - 2:50 PM EDT, Thursday, September 17, 2020


Jing-Jiang Yu, Ph.D.: Senior Product Specialist, AFM
Jing-Jiang Yu, Ph.D.
Senior Product Specialist, AFM



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