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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

Thermal Desorption MS (Screening Device for Phthalates) HM1000

In July 2019, an amendment to the RoHS directive will add 4 phthalates to the list of restricted substances. These 4 chemicals are widely used for insulated coating materials, electrical insulation tapes and packing films.
The HM1000 is a dedicated instrument designed for fast, easy, on-site screening of phthalates. In addition to easy operation, the HM1000 features high-throughput testing that achieves automated analysis of 50 samples in approximately 8 hours.


High-speed measurement:Measurement at a rate of less than 10 minutes!

Vaporized compounds are ionized and directly analyzed by a mass spectrometer enabling high-speed measurement.(Separation column is not required)

The autosampler allows for continuous automated analysis of 50 samples in 8 hours

The accurate and smooth performance of the autosampler (standard equipment) allows continuous automatic analysis of up to 50 samples. During the analysis, operators are free to engage in other tasks, resulting in a streamlined operation and reducing workloads.

Easy operation from sample preparation to analysis!

Place the sample in the sample pan and position it on the sample tray. Next, by following simple software steps, measurements will be started by the autosampler. The autosampler diagram is displayed on the software and the progress of measurements and the results (PASS/FAIL judgment) can be verified easily.

Low operating costs

Nitrogen gas is used as the carrier gas. Using nitrogen gas generator (option available in Japan or locally sourced), a power source is the only utility required for operation. Helium gas and liquid nitrogen are not needed, which helps keep operating costs low.


Configurations Standard equipment HM1000 (Main unit / Accessories)
General Specifications Measuring object Phthalate (DBP/DIBP, BBP, DEHP)
Brominated flame retardants (DBDE)
Sample weight 0.2 mg ± 0.04 mg
Sample form Solid, Powder
Autosampler Max.50 samples
Mass detection Ion source APCI (Atomospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization)
Mass spectrometer Quadruple mass filter
Measurement mode Scan mode
SIM (Selected Ion Monitoring) mode
(Max. 20 channels)
Dimensions and weight Main body 510 mm (W) ×615 mm (D) ×615 mm (H), 85 kg
Rotary pump 160 mm(W)×490 mm(D)×265 mm(H), 29 kg
Electric specifications Input supply voltage AC200 V to 240V±10% single phase


Measurement using scan mode

The m/z value obtained from analyzing the sample can be used to estimate the component that is contained in the sample.

Mass spectrum of sample containing 1000 mg/kg of Phthalates

A peak will appear at molecular weight +1 for each phthalate after protonation.

  • * Measurement of total Phthalates is required for DBP and DIBP (both are at m/z=279)

Measurement using SIM mode

The concentration of the Phthalates contained in the sample can be estimated using the ion intensity profile and can be compared to the regulations acceptable limit.

Ion intensity profiles of DBP, BBP, DEHP

The measuring sample :Certified Reference Material NMIJ CRM 8152-a

  • * Each protonated-Phthalate will be monitored using its m/z value.