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TM Series Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometers:  AZtec Series

The TM4000 Series offers multiple EDS systems to choose from based on application and budget. Two classes of detectors are available: a low-cost 10-mm2 detector and a large-sized 30-mm2 detector, both of which are of compact design and do not require LN2.

:Example configuration of Aztec EDS in combination with a TM4000 Series SEM
:Detector: Built-in type
(Made by Oxford Instruments (UK))


The AZtec series EDS systems feature icons arranged in order of the procedural flow to make operation easy. With its spectrum-fitting functionality, element superposition can be easily observed, and the TruMap feature allows elements with overlapping peaks to be properly separated and concisely displayed (AZtecOne).

  • Basic: AZtecOneGO
  • Advanced: AZtecOne
  • Multi-featured analysis instrument: AZtec Energy


Example of flexible mapping analysis

In addition to standard spectrum acquisition, the system allows spectra for user-specified regions to be reconstructed from the corresponding mapping data. The selected region may be defined as a point, rectangle, ellipse, or region bound by a user-drawn freehand curve.


High-precision and multifaceted TruMap function

  • The TruMap feature allows multi-element spectra to be properly separated and background-subtracted in real time, resulting in a precise elemental mappimg with no image contamination from overlapping peaks.
  • In the example shown on the right, data from Mg-K and As-L, whose peaks overlap in typical maps, are clearly resolved and free from signal overlap with the TruMap function.

AZtec Energy

The AZtec Energy system offers advanced analytical functionality and flexible configurations with the ability to automate analyses via a motorized stage, enabling wide-area mapping and particle analysis.

Wide-area mapping option: AZtec Large-Area Mapping

The Aztec Mapping software automatically acquires data for multiple specified regions to produce a single combined set of mapping information.




SystemAZtecOneGOAZtecOneAZtecEnergy Miniscope Edition
Detector type Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Detection area 10 mm2 30 mm2 30 mm2
Energy resolution 151 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 129 eV with MnKα)
158 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 129 eV with MnKα)
158 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 129 eV with MnKα)
Detection element B5~U92