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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

Transmission Electron Microscope H-9500

The H-9500 is a 100-300 kV TEM with an LaB6 electron gun. This is a user-friendly workhorse for atomic-resolution TEM imaging and routine structural characterization. The excellent imaging capability also makes the H-9500 a platform for in-situ TEM. Various Hitachi in-situ heating TEM specimen holders* enable the imaging of dynamic structural changes at elevated temperatures. A special version for gas environmental in-situ TEM is available.

Optional accessory


User-friendly operation

Windows®-compatible GUI design.
High specimen throughput, requring 1 minute for specimen exchange and 5 minutes for voltage ramp-up (300 kV) and beam-on.

Stable high-resolution microscopy

Point-to-point resolution of 0.18 nm and lattice resolution of 0.1 nm.
A stable 5-axis eucentric goniometer stage.

Excellent performance reliability

Field-proven 10-stage accelerator gun design.
High-voltage resistor cable design.

Various optional accessories

Specimen holders compatible with Hitachi TEM, FIB, and STEM systems.
A variety of specimen holders that provide heating, cooling, and gas-injection capabilities for atomic-resolution dynamic studies.

Images on the FPD (flat panel display) are simulated.


Resolution 0.10 nm (lattice)
0.18 nm (point-to-point)
Accelerating voltage 300 kV, 200 kV*1, 100 kV*1
MagnificationZoom mode 1,000 - 1,500,000×
SA mode 4,000 - 500,000×
Low mag mode 200 - 500×
Erectron gunFilament LaB6 (DC heating)
Filament exchange Automated gun lift
High voltage cable Resistor cable
Illumination systemLens 4-stage lens system
Condenser aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Probe size Micro mode: 0.05 - 0.2 µm (4 steps)
Nano mode: 1 - 10 nm (4 steps)
Beam tilt ±3°
Imaging systemLens 5-stage lens system
Focusing Image wobbler
Astigmatism correction by stigmonitor
Optimum focus
Objective aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Selected area aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Erectron diffraction  Selected-area electron diffraction
Nano probe electron dilfraction
Convergent-beam electron diffraction
Camera length 250 - 3,000 mm
Specimen chamberSpecimen stage Eucentric 5-axis Hiper goniometer stage
Specimen size 3 mmΦ
Stage translation X/Y = ±1 mm, Z = ±0.3 mm
Motor drive by CPU control
Specimen position display Auto-drive, Auto-trace
Specimen tilt α = ±15°, β = ±15°
(Hitachi double tilt specimen holder*2)
Anti-contamination Cold block
Baking function Mild baking function
Viewing chamberFluorescent screen Main screen: 110 mmΦ
Focusing screen: 30 mmΦ
Optical viewer 7.5×
Camera chamberField selection Full/half exposure
Film 25 sheets (2 sets of film magazines)
GUI  OS: Windows XP®
Monitor 19 inch monitor
Functions Database, measurement, image processing
Digital CCD camera*3Camera coupling Lens coupling
Effective pixels 1,024 × 1,024 pixels
A/D resolution 12 bits
Vacuum systemElectron gun Ion pump: 60 L/s
Column TMP: 260 L/s
Viewing/camera chamber Diffusion pump: 280 L/s
Fore pump: 135 L/min. × 3 sets
Magnification is calibrated as an option
An optional item
This specification applies to an optional 1,024 × 1,024 pixel digital CCD-camera.

The above specifications are guaranteed at an accelerating voltage of 300 kV

Application Data

Materials Science

Si3N4 high resolution TEM image

Si3N4 high resolution TEM image
Accelerating voltage : 300 kV

TiO2 gas-injecting in situ TEM observation

TiO2 gas-injecting in situ TEM observation
Temperature : 380°C
Atmosphere : Air@6 Pa on specimen

Pt/Graphite carbon high resolution TEM image

Pt/Graphite carbon high resolution TEM image
Accelerating voltage : 100 kV


Si device high resolution TEM images

Si device high resolution TEM images