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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

TM Series Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer: Quantax75

The TM4000 Series offers multiple EDS systems to choose from based on application and budget. All detectors offered are of compact design and do not require LN2.

: Example configuration of Quantax75 EDS in combination with a TM4000 Series SEM
: Detector: Built-in type
(Made by Bruker Nano GmbH (Germany))



  • Intuitive operation with local spectra observation at specified locations
  • High-speed colorized X-ray mapping with easy operation
  • Hypermap function for spot analysis, line analysis, and mapping results in a single acquisition

Dual mode display

Multilateral data visualization is made possible by displaying simultaneous result of spot analysis or line analysis while performing elemental mapping in real time.

Spot analysis

  • Spectrum displayed in real time, allowing easy visualization of elemental composition for a targeted ROI.
  • Example at right demonstrates elemental composition at various locations tracked across a linear range.

Live deconvolution

  • Spectra with overlapping peaks can be separated and visually mapped in real time.



Detector type Silicon drift detector (SDD)
Detection area 30 mm2
Energy resolution 148 eV(Cu-Kα)
(Mn-Kα: equivalent 129 eV or less)
Detection element B5~Cf98