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Hitachi High-Tech in Canada

Dark Field Wafer Defect Inspection System DI4200

On the LSI production line, it is emphasized high-speed defect monitoring by inspecting production wafers’ defects at high frequency without missing DOIs (Defects of Interest). IS Series can perform such monitoring of defects which has occurred on patterned wafers in mass production process at high-speed and high-sensitivity. Furthermore, it features the user-friendly operability of recipe creation and the capabilities of high frequency and high speed inspection of 300 mm wafers. IS Series contributes to optimizing costs of the defect management and defect inspection of patterned wafer.


Sensitivity, Throughput

  • The improved darkfield imaging technology enables the IS series to perform defect inspection at high sensitivity and high throughput.


  • The new detection optics and image processing module(*) improve the capture rate of DOI (Defect of Interest) that expands process applications.


  • More parameters are optimized automatically by IS system. Easy operation with a larger monitor and more easy to use GUI.

Wafer Size

  • φ300mm (V notch type by SEMI standard)

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