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Hitachi High-Tech in China

Hitachi High-Tech is a transnational corporation, which has over 10,000 employees working at some 100 sites around the world. The goal of Hitachi High-Tech corporation is to "become the global leader in providing high-tech/solutions supplier", which is a comprehensive high-tech corporation that combine the development, design, and manufacturing of the most sophisticated technologies with the divisions providing solutions for different industries.

To meet a variety of requirements in China, we have established Hitachi High-Tech (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, tax-protection zone based Hitachi High-Tech(shanghai) international trading, Hitachi High-Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, which can conduct business in RMB trade, import and export trade, as well as after-sales service. We have also established the business offices in the above mentioned regions, and moreover, we have established Hitachi High-tech Business Group to lead the market in China. Our production bases include the foreign capital company for manufacturing universal electron microscopes and automated blood analyzer along with spare parts in Suzhou, as well as a joint company manufacturing scientific analyzing instruments in Dalian. Meanwhile, we have closely cooperated with "Hitachi High-Tech Corp Taipei Branch".

In the Chinese market, besides its self-manufacturing products such as the semiconductor manufacturing device, the liquid crystal manufacturing device, and the electron microscope, medical instruments, Hitachi High-Tech Group can also provide equipments for high-tech industries instruments or devices, electrical equipment, Vehicle components, electronic components for semiconductor device, display-related products, optical parts, metals, synthesized resin materials and the processed products. Meanwhile, the Group also makes full use of its global presence to provide its Chinese customers with the supply chain solution that enables comprehensive and dynamic management of information, logistics and capital flows in overseas procurement and sales.

China has a large and broad market, and all larger corporations are competing fiercely in the market. To stand steadily in the competitive Chinese market, Hitachi High-Tech have been promoting with full strength the strategy of developing Chinese market. We shall first and foremost get and cultivate the best human resources. Our company is a multinational enterprise composed of not only top-class staff we adopts and promotes in China ,but also those talent from various districts such as Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan district. We will take various measures to create a working environment in which employees competences can be improved, and their potentials tapped to the full, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of our business strategies.

We sincerely hope that the Group can really win the trust and support from all the users, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. For such a purpose, we are improving the corporate management, operational efficiency, speed and transparency, promoting environmental performance, and organizing corporate activities on the basis of conformity to laws.

With the operational resources centering on "man and technology" we will contribute to the growth of Chinese high-tech industry and Chinese people's health. Meanwhile, we will try our best to boost the business development in China while safeguarding the suppliers' interests. Please pay more attentions to us and give us more supports!

Hitachi High-Tech (Shanghai) co., ltd Chairman of the board
Hitachi High-Tech (Shenzhen) co., ltd Chairman of the board
Hitachi High-Tech (Hong Kong) co., ltd Non-executive Chairman of the board
Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou), Ltd Member of board
Hitachi High-Tech Diagnostics (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. Non-executiveChairman of the Board

Yamamoto Yosuke