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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

European Microscopy Congress 2016

EMC2016 is the perfect place to see what’s new and exciting from Hitachi and to discuss your microscopy needs.

We’ll be showcasing a wide range of instrumentation including the new HF5000 200kV TEM (pictured). This new approach to AC-TEM/STEM uses Hitachi’s own automated Cs corrector coupled with our latest generation cold field emitter. It’s also an ideal platform for advanced in-situ studies thanks to high brightness, advanced gas handling and atomically resolved SE imaging.

Our innovative HT7700 120kV TEM/STEM will be on show offering high-contrast high-throughput imaging. See our CLEM solutions on the SU5000 Schottky SEM (in partnership with Delmic), cryoSEM on our SU3500 VPSEM (in partnership with Quorum Technologies) and UHR-SEM capabilities with the SU8200. Our popular TM3030 benchtop SEM will be joined by our new and unique FlexSEM1000, offering full SEM capabilities with the ease of a benchtop SEM. You can also find out about our novel AFM solutions and sample prep capabilities.

We will show several microscope including UHR FE-SEM 8230, 120 kV TEM HT7700, new FlexSEM 1000, TableTop TM3030plus and the AFM. We will also show the SU5000 with the SECOM door at the booth of Delmic, the SU3500 with Quorum cooling stage at Quorum and a second SU3500 with Thermo EDX detector at the booth of Thermo Scientific.

Bring your own sample to the booth for n-side analysis
The conference will be from the 28.8. to the 01.9. in Lyon -