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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

Hitachi presented a webinar series on the topic of Industrial Internet of Things:

Predictive Maintenance - The evergreen in Industrial IoT.
Maintenance shall ensure reliable operations of production equipment by reducing downtime. However, the realization of maintenance and inspection might cause downtime, too. With data analytics, we’re able to use machine data and derive the state of that machine in the future.

Industrial Insight through Video Analytics. The next level for safety and productivity.
Vision is said to be the most powerful human sense It enables us to check conditions of objects and actions as well as to grasp complex situation on a glance The technology to search for objects or even understand the meaning within pictures and videos offers a high potential to improve safety and productivity in industrial operations.

Intuitive IoT and ML Tools for Engineers.
Industrial engineering and data science - two worlds, separated by a common language, namely mathematics. For the industrial Internet of Things, data streams from processes have to be processed and analyzed. The tools for that root in data science were presented by Hitachi High Tech and Flutura.