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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe


Industrial Internet of Things with HTE

Hitachi High-Tech offers data analytics solutions as part of Lumada to optimize operations in the manufacturing, oil&gas, special chemicals and food & beverages industries.

Lumada ist the general brand for solutions, services and technologies, that converts customer data into value for digital innovation, utilizing advanced digital technologies.

Cheaper, faster and instantly - that's the trend in industry and especially when it comes to producing goods. Driver are modern factories - always up and running. To keep the system working, a sophisticated maintenance regime is required, only stopping operations when absolutely necessary. Wasting productive time with too much inspection or running into failures are no option. The platform Cerebra which comes with Flutura enables companies on every stage of their digitalization journey, starting with initial data collection from machines and processes, towards automated close loop decision making in complex manufacturing system. Data collection and analytics are identified as key enablers to realize and ensure the most reliable production systems.

Lumada solutions will enable your company to identify and eliminate invisible loss of time and reduce non-productive time. Moreover it provides insights in data sparse environments and detects anomaly never seen before. Lumada includes Nano-Apps for a wide range of equipment and sub systems, proven algorithms for diagnostics, prediction of machine conditions are leading Lumada customers from reactive "run-to-failure" towards proactive, resource efficient maintenance.

Hitachi High-Tech provides solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in oil & gas, f&b, specialty chemicals, energy sector and heavy machinery manufacturing industries, powering connected asset and connected operations. Check out our case studies for “Asset Uptime” in the oil & gas industry or “Operation Efficiency” in the chemical industry.

Recognized by customers and the press, the success of Flutura Data Sciences and Lumada is based on the fast access to so far untapped information for manufacturing companies. The rapid implementation of Lumada technology plays a key role here. The rapid implementation of Lumada technology and the professionalism of the team are considered as the key factors.


  • Identify and eliminate invisible loss time and nonproductive time of production systems.
  • Robust anomaly detection and never before seen insights in data sparse environments.
  • For fast ROI, efficient setup and scale-up through customizable Nano-Apps for data collection, visualization, and analytics on top of IIoT platform. In-line prediction of final product quality for first time right production without additional rework.
  • Increase effectiveness of operations by holistic utilization of operations data.
  • Operation benchmarking by combining data from machines, people, and process for individual targets and cross company.

Case Study 1

Case Study – Chemical Industry

The Problem

Factors Causing the Problem

  • In the chemical industry, quality check was a post-mortem analysis
  • No real-time intervention and quality control for manufacturing process
  • Standard Operating Procedures do not consider the dynamics of manufacturing process


  • Loss of millions of dollars due to rejected off-spec finished goods and missed deadlines
  • Unable to meet the golden benchmark for every batch of the product
  • Inconsistent batch quality and product pile-up

Variations observed in product quality despite following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Previous User Journey

Friction Point: Lack of real-time monitoring and quality interventions (dynamic operations)

User Journey Powered by Cerebra

Operational Metrics Improvements

Improvements to the Customer Journey by Cerebra

  • Achieving First Time Right output, thus saving time, energy and raw materials
  • Reduction in off-spec products leading to faster quality approvals and reduced customer complaints
  • Annual cost saving of 15-20 million USD across 10+ plants
  • Transforming the organization from a regime of Quality Inspection to Quality Assurance

Case Study 2

Case Study – Oil & Gas Industry

The Problem

Factors Causing the Problem

  • Too many signals to process
  • Human eye misses anomalies
  • No equipment diagnostics
  • No detailed sensor intelligence


  • Increase in downtime
  • Negative effect on project profitability
  • Delay in corrective measures, leading to damages and loss
  • Missed signals and decrease in productivity

How might we reduce Non-Productive Time by responding to missed anomalies?

Previous User Journey

Friction Point: No intelligence to remotely diagnose the equipment.

User Journey Powered by Cerebra

Operational Metrics Improvements

Improvements to the Customer Journey by Cerebra

  • Detection of anomalies invisible to human eye and interpretation of thousands of sensors, emitting millions of data points
  • Real-time detection of anomalies before it is too late
  • AI-powered automation of alerts, real-time updates, and timely notifications

Press & News

Gartner Magic Quadrant – Industrial IoT Platforms

In Gartners’ Magic Quadrants on Industrial IoT Platforms, both Hitachi and our partner Flutura are recognized individually.

Gartner describes the market for IIoT platforms as "a set of integrated software capabilities. These capabilities span efforts to improve asset management decision-making, as well as operational visibility and control for plants, depots, infrastructure and equipment within asset-intensive industries." In the report, Gartner predicts: "By 2020, on-premises Internet of Things (IoT) platforms coupled with edge computing will account for up to 60% of industrial IoT (IIoT) analytics, up from less than 10% today.

Read more at Gartner and get the report from Hitachi Vantara.

For the customers voice, check the Gartners Peer Insights on Flutura.

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