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Plasma Polarization Machine

Plasma Polarization Machine (Polarization treatment)

Example: Polarization for PZT chip

Polarization sample

Size: 20 mm x 20 mm Tip
Number of samples: 5 chips
Film forming method: Sol-Gel method
Configuration (Thickness): Si/Ti/Pt/PZT (400 μm/20 nm/200 μm/1 μm)

Polarization Result

In the most effective sample, the rise in D 33 value of about 5 times was confirmed in comparison with the reference.

PE Hysteresis Diagram after polarization

Measured with Polarization Tester manufactured by Lead Techno Co., Ltd.

Polarization Samples (Made by Company A)

Example: Polarization of PVDF film

Size: 3 cm x 3 cm
Thickness: 20 μm
Sample size: 4 sheets
Material: Fluorine-Based Copolymer Ferroelectric Material

Polarization condition

Polarization condition

D 33 value (pC/N) after Polarization

D 33 value (pC/N) after Polarization