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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

Hitachi High-Tech manufactures a wide range of analytical instruments. These are not all sold through Hitachi High-Tech Europe but either through other Hitachi High-Tech companies or through our partners and distributors.
Below you can find links to the global website where products and contact information is provided.

Thermal Analysis

A wide array of high-sensitivity thermal analysis systems: DSC, STA, TMA and DMA.


Hitachi's chromatography systems, including UHPLC, HPLC, Amino Acid Analyzers, and chromatography data systems, provide solutions to Life Science and Chemical labs.


Full range of high quality UV-Visible/NIR and Fluorescence spectrophotometers from teaching and routine instruments to research-grade systems.


Product information of Polarized Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer ZA3000 Series.


Product lineup of Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES).

XRF Analysis

Hitachi's wide variety of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analyzers for use in general analysis, RoHS/ELV testing and contamination analysis.

XRF Coating Thickness Gauge

Product lineup of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauges.

Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD)

Product lineup of X-Ray Silicon Drift Detectors (SDD).

Mass Spectrometer

Product information of Thermal Desorption MS HM1000A for screening test of phthalates.


Product lineup of HIRANUMA Potentiometric Titrator / Karl Fischer Titrator.

Mercury Analyzer

Product information of HIRANUMA mercury analyzer HG-400.

LIBS analysis

Our series of handheld LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) analyzers for fast metals analysis.

Magnetic induction / Eddy

Our range of handheld Magnetic Induction and Eddy coating thickness gauges provide reliable, simple and accurate measurements.