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Hitachi High-Tech in Europe

At Hitachi High-Technologies our primary goal is to provide researchers with powerful, dependable and easy-to-use microscope solutions for the advancement of science & engineering.

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Our product ranges


Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscopes (FE-SEM/FESEM) optimized for high-performance imaging and analysis for better understanding at the nanoscale.


Standard and Variable-Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM & VP-SEM) with excellent imaging and analytical performance

Tabletop SEM

Tabletop and compact SEMs to make electron microscopy quick and easy. High resolution imaging and fast chemical microanalysis (EDS)


TEM and STEM solutions for structural and chemical characterizations of nanomaterials, semiconductors, pathology, neurology and life science research


Dual beam and triple beam FIB-SEMs offering the very best lamella preparation and powerful volume microscopy (3D-imaging and 3D-analysis)

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation systems helping you optimize your microscopy, including cross section ion-milling systems and SEM/TEM sample cleaners

Visit our European facilities with a virtual tour

  • Visit Hitachi’s electron microscopy applications labs in Germany or UK without leaving your desk thanks to the lab’s new online interactive tour. Learn more about the instruments, including descriptions, videos and links to additional information.

    As well as undertaking sample runs and demonstrations, the labs also carry out research, method development and testing to develop new microscopy-based solutions together with customers.

Product Catalogue

Hitachi's 2020/21 Microscopy Product Portfolio

This new brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the wide spectrum of electron and ion beam microscopy products, offered by Hitachi.

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