Measuring and Scientific Instruments Contributing to R&D and the Automation of Factories and Laboratories: Hitachi, Ltd. Instruments Group

In August 1960 the Instruments Division of Hitachi, Ltd. was made independent of the Electrical Division, and on February 21, 1961, the Naka Works was separated from the Taga Works, becoming an independent facility specializing in measuring instruments.

In the area of measuring instruments, the Instruments Group supplied transmitters and electromagnetic fl owmeters to industrial facilities such as power plants, manufacturing plants, and water treatment plants. They also supplied meters and instrumentation systems to chemical plants and other industrial customers, contributing to the automation of factories and industrial systems.

In scientific instruments, the Instruments Group had a proven track record internationally with products such as electron microscopes, spectrophotometers, liquid chromatographs, and NMR-CT systems. In the medical field they attained the top share of the world market for automated biochemical analysis equipment. They pioneered the use of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) for industrial applications, commercializing the world’s first SEM length measurement system for inspecting circuit patterns on semiconductor wafers in 1984. Hitachi continues to dominate the market for this product category to this day. The Instruments Group has an impressive record in the bio-life sciences field as well, with leading products such as DNA sequencers.

Outline of Group at Time of Integration
  • Group Head and CEO
    Katsuji Yamashita
  • Employees