Toward a Clinical Testing Systems Business Combining “Manufacturing, Sales, and Services”: Hitachi Medical Corp. Clinical Testing Systems Sales Group

The company that eventually became Hitachi Medical Corp. was established in 1949 as a seller of spinning machinery. In 1954 it changed its name to Hitachi Roentgen KK and embarked on the business of marketing medical equipment. With its merger in 1969 with Osaka Roentgen, Ltd. the company became a manufacturer of medical equipment with both manufacturing and sales functions. In 1973 the company name was changed to Hitachi Medical Corp. As the Hitachi Group company responsible for the medical equipment business, Hitachi Medical engaged in the manufacture, sale, and servicing of products such as X-ray CT machines and MR imaging machines.

The clinical testing systems business (which was eventually transferred to Hitachi High-Technologies) had taken over Japanese domestic sales of automated blood analyzers for clinical testing from Nissei Sangyo in 1973. It was also responsible for Japanese domestic sales of clinical testing equipment (automated testing modules for blood, urine, cell cultures, etc.) developed and manufactured by the Instruments Group of Hitachi, Ltd. The personnel of the Clinical Testing Systems Sales Group were therefore experts in supplying optimal equipment for increasingly complex biochemical testing applications.

Outline of Company at Time of Integration
  • Company name
    Hitachi Medical Corp.
  • Head Office
    1-14, Uchikanda 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • Representative executive officer
    Hiroshi Inomata, President
  • Capital
    \13,884 million(current as of September 30, 2000)
  • Employees
    3,188(consolidated basis, current as of September 30, 2000)
    (Of which, employees of the Clinical Testing Systems Sales Group: 30)