People and Technology for High-Tech Solutions

On the occasion of the company’s launch Chairman Yoshiro Kuwata expressed his aspirations for its future as follows: “Our company has world-class products and technology. We need to deliver highly reliable technologies, products, and services in cutting-edge technology fields in a speedy manner. We must utilize the reputation and knowhow built up over the years as a “high-tech trading company” to establish an integrated system comprising manufacturing, sales, and services so we can deliver solutions that anticipate the needs of the market. At the same time, we must increase our sensitivity to the global market and strongly promote product development and proposal- based sales. We are a single company operating in the contrasting business environments of the trading company and the manufacturing enterprise, and it is not an easy thing to overcome the differences between contrasting corporate cultures. Unity is a key issue that will determine the success or failure of this reorganization. I hope that through common awareness and mutual understanding, and by acting based on the customer’s perspective, we can create a new corporate culture and make Hitachi High-Tech a company that will serve as a valuable precedent for operations throughout the Hitachi Group.”

President Noriaki Higuchi noted, “Hitachi High-Tech combines the functions of a trading company and a manufacturing enterprise in a way that matches the needs of a new era. We aim to use the multiplier effect of the two functions to become the world’s top company in the nanotechnology field. Nanotechnology is essential in many fields, including biology, healthcare, information and communications, and the environment, and we can look forward to substantial growth moving forward. I hope Hitachi High-Tech will become “the first choice” of customers worldwide and that it will serve as the core of the high-technology business of the Hitachi Group.”

He further stated, “Through consolidation of manufacturing, sales, and services, we have put in place a corporate system that will be able to respond quickly to market changes. By making use of our global network, marketing prowess, engineering knowhow, and software capabilities, we will extend our total solutions business worldwide.”

President Higuchi said his goal was for Hitachi High-Technologies to be a “highvalue creator (creating high value by offering optimal solutions in cutting-edge technology fields),” with “development” and “sound management” based on putting the customer first as the fundamental management policy, and to accomplish this he would implement a set of “five management policies.” He explained that the wellspring of this approach was “people” and “technology,” and that by creating strong bonds between “people” and “technology” Hitachi High-Technologies would be able to grow and prosper.

Five Management Policies of the New Company
  • Promotion of the global high-technology business
  • Active promotion of business investment
  • Efficient and speedy operations
  • Training of personnel as professionals
  • Promotion of appropriate business practices
Yoshiro Kuwata
Yoshiro Kuwata, Chairman of the Board
Noriaki Higuchi
Noriaki Higuchi, Representative Director and President
Ceremony celebrating the launch of the new company