Creating a Competitive Organization Combining “Manufacturing, Sales, and Services”

The organization of the new company placed the human resources/general affairs, accounting, and sales administration functions; the New business Development Division and Group Strategy Division; and the Device Manufacturing Equipment Business Group, Life Science Business Group, and Information/Industry Business Group within the Head Office. Manufacturing functions were covered by the Design & Manufacturing Group, comprising the Planning Division, Naka Division, and Kasado Division, while sales was the purview of the Electronic Sales Division, Industrial Materials Division, and Electronic Materials Division.

There were four business domains: electronic device systems (device manufacturing equipment), life science, information electronics, and advanced industrial components.

With this system as a basis, the task at hand was to generate a unified corporate ethos by consolidating and creating synergies among “manufacturing, sales, and services”; to make the company market oriented by establishing a sales division profit management system; and to create a new corporate culture through a fusion of “trading company” and “manufacturing enterprise.”

The launch of the new company was accompanied by the establishment of the Hitachi High-Technologies Labor Union with Head Office, Naka, and Kasado branches. This marked a new step forward toward the aims of “a safe and fulfilling workplace” and “development of a stronger organization.”

“High-Tech Creation” corporate advertisement
“High-Tech Creation” corporate advertisement
This corporate advertisement appeared in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and Nihon Sangyo Shimbun on October 1, 2001. It stated Hitachi High-Tech’s strong determination to generate high value by creating new technology and new business, and its intention to clear the way to a new era through bold action and taking on new challenges as professionals.