Evolution of the Hitachi High-Technologies Brand Identity

In the years since the establishment of Hitachi High-Technologies in October 2001 the company’s brand identity has undergone subtle changes.

Following the company’s establishment, the corporate logo underwent various adjustments until the Hitachi High-Technologies corporate name logo was adopted in April 2003.

In April 2008 rules for use were adopted for the company’s Japanese slogan, which can be rendered in English as “Bringing the Cutting Edge to the Forefront,” and in April 2009 the English corporate name logo was changed. Use outside the company of the corporate message (now identity message) “Creative Minds. Innovative Solutions.” started in April 2013.

In April 2014 the decision was made to utilize the valuable asset represented by the “One Hitachi” brand and to adopt the Hitachi Group corporate brand logo* for Hitachi High-Technologies worldwide. At the same time, the wording of the English corporate logo, “Hitachi High-Tech,” was adopted as the company’s unified identity. In October 2014 “hitachi-hightech.com” was adopted globally as the domain name of the internet website and in all corporate email addresses.