Contemporaneous Events

  • August 2004
    Magnetocardiograph (MC6400) wins R&D 100 Award.
  • September 2004
    LABOSPECT Series automated biochemical analyzer released.
  • February 2005
    TM-1000 Miniscope scanning electron microscope released.
  • November 2005
    Agreements reached with Codian Ltd. of the UK and LifeSize Communications, Inc. of the U.S. to act as local sales agents for next-generation high-performance video conferencing systems.
  • January 2006
    Sales start of GXH-15 high-speed modular mounter (for mounting electronic components).
  • March 2007
    Together with Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corp., awarded the 54th Okochi Memorial Production Prize for development and practical application of a critical dimension SEM used to reduce the pattern size of semiconductor devices.
Contemporaneous Events