10 Years After the Company’s Establishment, Looking to FurtherProgress

October 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Hitachi High-Technologies. On this occasion, the Long-Term Management Strategy (CS11: Corporate Strategy 2011) and Medium-Term Management Strategy 2013 were announced.

Looking ahead to the next 10 years, CS11 set forth “four target fields (next-generation electronics, life sciences, the environment/new energy, and social innovation)” and a strategic statement, “Leading the way for our customers’ future as a fast-moving creator of cutting-edge business.” It established the scope of action for implementing the strategy, identified areas of core competence, and set targets.

Building on the Hitachi High-Tech SPIRIT promoted during fiscal 2009 and the SPIRIT Meetings held in Japan and overseas, Hitachi High-Technologies adopted as its mission becoming “a company that embraces CSR in the true sense” through actions corresponding with the Hitachi High-Tech WAY, which integrates the Corporate Vision, CS11, and the Hitachi High-Tech SPIRIT.

The Medium-Term Management Strategy 2013 set as targets for fiscal 2013 “sales of \800 billion, operating profit of \50 billion, operating profit margin of 6.3%, current net profit of \31 billion, and return on equity of 10.7%.” Initiatives to meet these targets were organized into five business policies, under which emphasis was to be focused on the key points of establishing an optimal worldwide business operations system, accelerating the global expansion of sales and manufacturing, accelerating the creation of new business opportunities, and promotion of schemes for creating new business opportunities.

Business Policies of Medium-Term Management Strategy
  1. Establish a stable earnings base
    (maintain and strengthen core businesses , continue to reduce costs)
  2. Strengthen business portfolio by investing resources in growth fields
  3. Increase profitability by promoting solutions business
  4. Promote environment-related business
  5. Promote social innovation business in emerging markets
Long-Term Management Strategy
Long-Term Management Strategy (CS11: Corporate Strategy 2011)