Approaching the 15th Anniversary of the Founding

At the beginning of 2016, the year in which the 15th anniversary of the founding of Hitachi High-Technologies falls, President Miyazaki made several appeals: “Let’s all work together to make this a year when we take on the challenge to make changes.” “Let’s focus more on customers and strive for ‘individuality’ and specialization.’” “Let’s aim to achieve at Hitachi High-Tech ‘all-hands management’ and an organization based on distributed autonomy, with each worksite thinking, evaluating, and acting independently.” “Let’s move forward with the courage to change and to undergo change.” He emphasized a desire to join together to embrace the challenge of making changes: creating a corporate environment characterized by excitement, growth, and agility; giving back to the local community; and actively playing a role in society.

Initiatives to promote CSR included issuing the Integrated Annual Report 2015 in November 2015; efforts using electron microscopes to promote science education in communities affected by the earthquake; and “Woodlands of Hitachi High-Tech Science,” which was set up at the Oyama Division of Hitachi High- Tech Science (and received an AA+ rating under the JHEP certification system of the Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan for activities that contribute to biodiversity conservation and restoration).

Thanks to solid results in the scientific and medical systems field, the consolidated financial statement for fiscal 2015 recorded a year on year increase in sales of 1.5% to \629 billion, operating profit up 5.2% to \49.4 billion, and current net profit (profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company) up 16% to \36 billion
Note: Indications for fiscal 2015 onward conform with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).