Corporate Governance and Compliance

In the area of corporate governance, in 2003 Hitachi High-Technologies moved to a company with committees with the aim of increasing corporate value through highly transparent management. Board directors were brought in from major shareholders such as Hitachi, Ltd., and knowledgeable persons from other fields, including lawyers and executives from trading companies and manufacturers, were also invited to serve in this role. In 2015 the Corporate Governance Guidelines were adopted, setting forth the framework of corporate governance.

To ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, a full-time organization was set up when Hitachi High-Technologies was established, and efforts in this area, such as the implementation of a system, have been pursued actively, including at group companies. The Compliance Coordinating Dept. was established in April 2003, and an Internal Whistleblower System opened in January 2004. In 2015 a system was established to allow reporting of compliance issues directly to the Board Director of Audit Committee, who was independent of the executive team.

Successive presidents of Hitachi High-Technologies have consistently emphasized “to adhere to basics and ethics” and “right and wrong before profit and loss” as their management policy, and this uncompromising commitment to compliance will remain in place moving forward as the basis for earning and maintaining the trust of society.

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Corporate Governance Structure, Internal Control System, and Business Execution Structure