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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Hitachi High-Tech was created in 2001 from the merger of the Hitachi Ltd. Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipments Group with Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd., a company specializing in electronics.

Nano-Technology Solutions

image: Nano-Technology Solution

We are integrating and strengthening electron beam technologies to provide semiconductor integration solutions and create new materials and new biological applications.
We are at the forefront of electronic device manufacturing that meets the needs of miniaturization and power saving, delivering solutions that make use of the our core technologies, such as the global top-selling length-measuring SEMs and plasma etching systems that deliver high-precision hyperfine processing, as well as process manufacturing equipment and inspection systems, and electron microscopes that are used in a wide variety of research fields. We deliver world-class solutions through activities such as joint research and development with semiconductor manufacturers.

Main Products

Analytical & Medical Solutions

image: Analytical & Medical Solution

Building upon our foundation of analytical technology, we are creating new value in fields such as bio/medical and safety and security.
We have a proven track record in both Japan and around the world, with our world-first automatic analyzer for clinical examinations that integrates immunoassay functions in a biochemical analyzer, world-class DNA sequencers and scientific instruments that are used in a wide variety of research fields. We are leading the way with our solutions that combine our well-established core technologies and applications, and through joint research and collaboration with global leaders.

Main Products

Industrial Solutions

image: Industrial Solution

We are providing added value through solutions focused around operational technologies such as factory automation, IoT, and full value-chain solutions.
We provide a diverse range solutions for the social and industrial infrastructure fields that sustain people and society. Our principal businesses of this type are our rail and contact wire inspection equipment that is invaluable for the safe operation of railways, our automotive part assembly machines and our IoT solutions. Moreover, we support manufacturing in the competitive high-tech field by leveraging our true-and-tested specialist experience and networking as a trading company, and through optimal supply-chain management.

Main Products