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Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation

"We are committed to helping our customers prosper as industry leaders through our wealth of service know-how and cutting-edge information technologies."

Thank you for visiting the Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation website.

As a core member of the Hitachi High-Technologies Group, a leading player in the world's cutting-edge markets, Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation offers maintenance services for a diversity of analyzers and other equipment and systems used in a wide range of fields, including R&D and semiconductor production, as well as in many different industrial and medical areas.

High-tech fields are changing at an accelerated rate, and so are our customers' business needs. Our company uses its technological expertise, wealth of service know-how and cutting-edge information technologies that have been developed since its founding in 1965 to provide our customers with the business support services they need right here and now.

Our mission is to help our customers to make the most of the capabilities of their equipment and systems and keep them in top condition. To fulfill this mission, we always stand by our customers and offer them the services which they really need from our sites in 40 different locations across Japan.

Our corporate vision is "Offer swift and perfect service worldwide to become the company with the best customer service." In line with this, we will continue to be committed not only to providing quality routine maintenance but also to constantly adding new services with high added value, such as application support and solution services. We will do this by staying as close to customers as possible to be the first to discover their needs. At the same time, we strive to be a company trusted by all stakeholders, while placing a high priority on our basic practices and upholding social rules, as a good corporate citizen fulfilling its social responsibilities.

I hope that this website will not only teach people about our company but also help us to hear from more people. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to your continued interest and support.

Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation