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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation

Service Business Division of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation is responsible for maintenance and service of following analyrtical instruments: Thermal Analysis Systems, Atomic Force Microscope, XRF Analyzers, XRF Coating Thickness Gauge, ICP-OES/ICP-MS, Focused Ion Beam Systems and Photomask Repair Systems.
We provide support for advancing technologies and innovations, and hope to contribute to your future developments. We believe that in order to ensure that devices operate to their full potential and in optimal environment, highly skilled device maintenance service is essential. As professionals well versed in the maintenance field, we make our best effort to respond to your every need and to find ways to continue improving our service.

Services Overview

One-Year Device Protection Plan

We conduct necessary preventative maintenance to ensure continuous product performance and reliability.

Periodic Inspections

We conduct inspections as a preventative measure. We have prepared recommended plans for each product.

On-Call Repairs

We respond to device troubles and failures on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the circumstances, we will dispatch our technical staff for on-site service or conduct in-shop repairs.

Version Upgrades

To ensure that you can continue to use our devices for many years to come, we provide version upgrades and improve device performance.

Overseas Technical Support

We train and instruct technical staff and provide technical information for our overseas distributors so that our devices operate properly wherever you are in the world.


We offer supplies and service parts necessary to operate our products.


We conduct training for operation and everyday maintenance for each of our product. This program is useful for when there are changes in administrators or training new employees.

Relocation Support

To ensure that our devices maintain their performance after a move, we offer a full range of relocation services, from disassembly and transport to installation, assembly and adjustments.


Tokyo Service Center

RBM Tsukiji Bldg., 2-15-5, Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 104-0041