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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation

As the core company of the Hitachi High-Tech Group, we aim to become a solution provider by positioning Instruments & Control Systems and ICT Solutions as our two core business pillars.

The stage of IoT is changing from "just connected", where all Things are connected to the Internet, to "creating value", where collected data is coverted to real value such as new business models, services and KPI for customers. Through our many years of experience in the IoT business, we provide usable solutions from visualization of collected data to its analysis and optimization. We are working with our customers to promote the shift to creation of new value. In our Instruments & Control Systems business, we apply the problem solving capabilities of our ICT Solutions business to deliver the most reliable and most eļ¬ƒcient solutions for plant control systems in the age of IoT. Additionally, the plant system control ability which we have accumulated through our Instruments & Control Systems business is also utilized in equipment control in our ICT Solutions business, creating synergy with each other.

Moreover, through the global procurement network provided by our sales and trading function, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies and solutions into our business, and quickly deliver these solutions to our customers.

Taking full advantage of the mutual synergy between our business areas to provide valuable solutions, we work with our customers to create a bright future.

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Masahiro Taniguchi