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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

We are promoting environmental management throughout the Group. To be consistent to the commitment in our value of the environment that we have made in the Basic Philosophy.
The policies of Hitachi High-Technologies on environmental conservation activities and our initiatives in this area are introduced below, divided into five categories: Environmental Awareness and Global Environmental Management; Eco-conscious Products; Highly Eco-conscious Factories and Offices; Environmental Partnerships with Stakeholders; and Initiatives by Sites and Group Companies.

Environmental Awareness and Global Environmental Management

The entire Group is promoting environmental management under the three pillars "prevention of global warming", "cyclical use of resources", and "biodiversity conservation".

Eco-conscious Design

We contribute to environmental conservation through eco-design (environmentally conscious design) that minimizes impacts on the environment throughout a product's lifecycle.

Highly Eco-conscious Factories and Offices

As global warming countermeasures, we are striving to reduce emissions of CO2, a major greenhouse gas.

Environmental Partnerships with our Stakeholders

We engage in environmental conservation through planning of volunteering projects and actively participating in local volunteering.