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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Hitachi High-Tech inherits the Environmental Vision of the Hitachi Group and the policy regarding its long-term environmental targets in the Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050. At the same time, we are promoting environmental management across the entire Group in order to realize the "harmony with the environment" that is proclaimed in the Basic Philosophy.

Environmental Awareness and Global Environmental Management

The entire Group is promoting environmental management under the key concept of Materiality in terms of "Prevention of global warming: Achieving a decarbonized society," "Conservation of resources by recycling: Realizing a recycling-oriented society," and "Biodiversity conservation: Realizing a society in harmony with nature."

Guidelines for Environmental Action / Environment Promotion Organization

In order to achieve the "harmony with the environment" referred to in the basic philosophy, we have established the Hitachi High-Tech Corporation Guidelines for Environmental Action, which comprise our medium to long-term vision, and the entire Group is promoting environmental management accordingly.

Overview of Our Environmental Activities in FY2019 and FY2019 - 2021 Environmental Action Plan

At the Hitachi High-Tech Group, we formulate annual and medium- to long-term (three years) environmental action plans to ensure the steady promotion of environmental management.

Evaluation Standards for Environmental Activities

As part of the Hitachi Group’s medium-term action plan (fiscal 2019-21), the Hitachi Environmental Activities Self-Evaluation System “GREEN21-2021” is used to carry out quantitative evaluations.

Environmental Education

Hitachi High-Tech implements environmental education with the goal of increasing environmental knowledge and awareness among all employees.

Highly Eco-conscious Factories and Offices

We are acting on the basis of Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 and the Materiality of the Hitachi High-Tech Group to pursue climate change countermeasures oriented to achieving a decarbonized society, promotion of recycling and other such measures oriented to raising the effectiveness of resource utilization, and pollution prevention oriented to realizing a society in harmony with nature by appropriate management of chemical substances and other such measures.

Providing Environmentally Conscious Products

We are contributing to environmental conservation through Eco-design (environmentally conscious design) that minimizes environmental burdens throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Biodiversity Conservation Activities

The entire Hitachi High-Tech Group is now taking steps to promote biodiversity conservation activities.