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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

In the Kasado division of Hitachi High-Tech, we are working to protect the environment on and around the neighborhood of our site.

Initiatives on site

In Kasado Division, we are taking steps to eliminate foreign species that are very fertile and capable of negatively affecting the ecosystem from flower beds on the company campus.
We are also going to work with the Kasado Works of Hitachi, Ltd., to protect the rare organisms growing in reservoirs on the property, and we will engage in activities for ecosystem protection in that region.

image:Medaka (Oryzias lapides) (Vulnerable species)
Medaka (Oryzias lapides)
(Vulnerable species)

image:Laccophilus lewisius (larva)
(Vulnerable species)
Laccophilus lewisius (larva)
(Vulnerable species)

Initiatives in Neighboring Areas

The Kasado District assists the activities of the 'Kirito Riverside Family Workshop' organized by Kudamatsu City. This is an event for elementary and junior high school students and their parents to observe the aquatic life of the Kirito River and check the purity of its waters.
Through these efforts, we hope to help boost the environmental awareness of the participants and other people involved in such activities and make them more interested in biodiversity conservation.

Activities in 2020

image:getting the explanation how to find aquatic life  .
Getting the explanation how to find aquatic life.

image:observing what kind of aquatic life are there.
Observing what kind of aquatic life are there.