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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Hitachi High-Tech is implementing general education oriented to all employees, site-specific Environmental Management System (EMS) education, and specialized education oriented to environmental affairs offices.
We are concerned in particular with education to upgrade the abilities of environmental experts*. These personnel are assigned to environmental regulatory risk mitigation based on appropriate measures regarding environmental regulations, which are growing more stringent with every year. In addition to classroom instruction by outside instructors on trends in environmental regulation revision, we provide individual and small group seminars and exercises to enhance understanding.
n addition, we have been holding environmental seminars for our executives and environmental activities coordinators at each of our sites since FY2020, and will continue these seminars in FY2021 and beyond. We aim to improve the efficiency of our environmental activities by promoting a wide range of education in line with the roles of each level, from top management to general employees.

  • * Environmental experts are personnel selected to provide appropriate interpretations of information on revisions in environmental regulation as well as to confirm the appropriateness of measures addressing those revisions in connection with the six laws and regulations that govern energy-saving activities, environmental pollution prevention, and management of chemical substances at Hitachi High-Tech.

Environmental Education Structure

Diagram of Environmental Education Structure

Specialized Environmental Education

This is education implemented for the purpose of sharing environmental issues that affect the entire Hitachi High-Tech Group (specialized knowledge about reducing environmental impact and dealing with revisions to environmental law) as well as raising the level of environmental management (mutual environmental audits conducted between sites).

Site-Specific Environmental Education

This is education implemented for the purpose of ensuring that personnel who engage in operations that may impact particular site environments and operations that need to satisfy legal compliance obligations have the necessary competencies.

General Education

The educational programs geared to different staff levels include time for environmental education, and this is education implemented to enhance environmental knowledge for personnel ranging from new hires to managers, according to their level.

Since FY2019, we have also been implementing "Hitachi High-Tech Group Eco-Mind Education" (e-learning) as a common program across the Hitachi High-Tech Group. This is part of our commitment to heightening understanding and awareness of environmental problems.

Since FY2020, we have also been calling on outside instructors for education geared to senior management and environmental program coordinators. This is part of the steps we are taking to deepen their understanding of the background required for environmental activities, including societal factors such as SDGs, ESG, and so on, thereby promoting more efficient environmental activities.