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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

To develop science and industry, advanced technology that supports them is essential. The Hitachi High-Tech Group supports the improvement of R&D and production sites productivity, as well as higher product quality by fully utilizing and advancing our "measurement and analysis technology", "automation and control technology", "manufacturing capabilities", thereby contributing to the sustainable development of science and industry. In addition, we help develop the next generation by carrying out social contribution activities utilizing our products.

Action Targets

1. Development of science and technology

By developing and providing electron microscopes that enable high-precision observation and analysis, we will contribute to materials and device engineering and the advancement of testing and research of scientific theory. In addition, through science education support activities using tabletop electron microscopes, we will stimulate children’s interest in science and technology through the activity and will contribute to resolution of social issues such as the loss of interest in science and the advancement of science and technology.

Specific Actions

Contribute to resolving the social issue of loss of interest in science, developing future scientists, and the advancement of science and technology

2. Achieving resilience at production sites*1

Through core technologies related to observation, measurement, and analysis; digital technologies such as AI and IoT; and the analysis and utilization of data collected from each process, we will improve the ef¬ciency of production sites and build a flexible and robust production system. We thus aim to contribute to the improvement of productivity and product quality of manufacturing companies.

Specific Actions

Provide solutions that utilize cutting-edge digital engineering technology: Achieve business process innovation at manufacturing companies

  • *1 The former action targets "2 High-efficiency production sites" and "3 Global development of production technology" have been integrated into the new action target "2 Achieving resilience at production sites" along with the review of the businesses in Action Plan 3.

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan

FY2020 Initiative Results

1. Development of science and technology

Contribute to research, development, and advances in manufacturing technology in a wide range of fields

  • We continue to manufacture and sell the TM4000II series of tabletop electron microscopes that realize even higher speed in elemental analysis together with other features. By enabling convenient operation and rapid analysis, we contribute to the evaluation of items developed in R&D efforts and to investigation and quality management in factories and other such front-line production settings. In FY2020, we conducted seminars and practical training on specific themes such as asbestos, biological systems, and quality control for electron microscope users remotely amid the coronavirus disaster. Such efforts contributed to solving their problems by providing technical information and proposing sample processing methods.
  • Since 2018, we have provided the analysis center at Vietnam National University with a TM4000 Plus tabletop electron microscope on loan at no charge (for a five-year period from 2018). Although we were not able to conduct a seminar in FY2020 due to the coronavirus disaster, we will support the training of analytical engineers in Vietnam by planning local seminars, thereby contributing to the development of R&D and science and technology in the country.

image:TM4000 II series of tabletop electron microscopes sees active use in a broad range of fields
TM4000 II series of tabletop electron microscopes sees active use in a broad range of fields

Global implementation of high-quality science education support activities

  • In Japan, we are cooperating with a variety of learning events, including educational outreach at elementary and junior high schools, loans of tabletop electron microscopes to Super Science High Schools (SSH) designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, displays at science museums and special exhibitions, and so on. The activities of some of the schools using the loaned equipment have been successful, receiving awards at numerous conferences and competitions.
  • We are also continuing to conduct educational outreach at each Group company, and have started counting the number of participants globally from FY2020. In FY2020, such classes were conducted remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic but were provided to approximately 12,600 students in the Asian area, mainly in Japan, and to approximately 33,000 students globally.
  • We have started collaborating with YouTubers and have released special web content with videos of scientific experiments using the device. We also focused on disseminating information through social networking services, such as distributing new videos and other topics on Facebook, with the goal of offering more appealing content for young people and students.

image:Scenes from educational outreach
Scenes from educational outreach

2. Achieving resilience at production sites

Contribute to heightened work fleficiency in design operations and the front lines of skilled manufacturing through digital engineering solutions

  • By offering solutions that actively utilize 3D data and other design data makes it possible to prepare written work instructions on the shop floor more efficiently. In this and other such ways, we are contributing to streamlining, greater efficiency, and improved operations for manufacturers in the design and production workplace. In FY2020, the system was introduced to manufacturers to reduce the number of design man-hours, contributing to the establishment of an efficient and flexible system for manufacturing as a whole.
  • Solutions that make active use of AR*2 provide ways to combine physical information and digital information so that work instructions can be simplified. This is realizing increased speed of operation and reduced costs for the production lines at automotive, electrical and precision machinery, and other manufacturers. We will continue to expand into new fields using the latest technology.
  • *2 AR: Augmented reality

Support R&D operation in a wide-range field through the contract technology services in R&D evaluation

  • Having concluded a general agency contract with JAPAN TESTING LABORATORIES, Inc., (JTL) we provide contract technology services that evaluate the reliability of products in the research and development stage by measurement, testing, and analysis utilizing JTL's high-performance evaluation equipment and advanced evaluation technology. In FY2020, we provided a remote image data sharing service in response to the coronavirus disaster, and further improved efficiency by sharing the results of the evaluation online with contractors.

Contribute to cost reduction and improvement of business and product quality of individual companies through visualization of the supply chain

  • We have partnered with TRIGO Group, one of the world's most advanced quality providers headquartered in France, to implement 3PQS (3rd Party Quality Service: outsourced inspection, quality consultation, supplier management, review, and audit). By visualizing the entire supply chain, we can pinpoint waste in each process, and as a result, contribute to reducing the loss of time, logistics, and resources, as well as improve the operations and quality of each supplier. In FY2020, we conducted a trial at our Naka area. Going forward, we will consider developing our business to include ESG*3 evaluation services for individual companies in the supply chain, which is becoming a prerequisite for continuing business transactions.
  • *3 ESG is an acronym for Environment, Social, and Governance, and is considered important in strengthening the management foundation that supports long-term growth.

Contribute to cost reduction and productivity improvement in semiconductor manufacturing by providing integrated solutions

  • The semiconductor field, which supports today's digital society, is expected to continue to grow with the advancement of AI, IoT, and 5G technologies. Within the semiconductor manufacturing process, we manufacture equipment that covers the processing, inspection, and analysis processes. By providing integrated solutions that combine these and data utilization technologies, we are working to help semiconductor manufacturers shorten development time, reduce costs, and improve productivity.