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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

To develop science and industry, advanced technology that supports them is essential. The Hitachi High-Tech Group supports the improvement of R&D and production sites productivity, as well as higher product quality by fully utilizing and advancing our "measurement and analysis technology", "automation and control technology", "manufacturing capabilities", thereby contributing to the sustainable development of science and industry. In addition, we help develop the next generation by carrying out social contribution activities utilizing our products.

Action Targets

1. Development of science and technology

By developing and providing electron microscopes that enable high-precision observation and analysis, we will contribute to materials and device engineering and the advancement of testing and research of scientific theory. In addition, through science education support activities using tabletop electron microscopes, we will stimulate children’s interest in science and technology through the activity and will contribute to resolution of social issues such as the loss of interest in science and the advancement of science and technology.

Specific Actions

Contribute to resolving the social issue of loss of interest in science, developing future scientists, and the advancement of science and technology

2. High-efficiency production sites

By providing digital solutions utilizing AI and IoT technologies and analytical and evaluation services, we will contribute to productivity improvement by helping manufacturers save labor and boost efficiency at their production sites

Specific Actions

Provide solutions utilizing cutting-edge digital engineering technologies: Realize business process reforms at manufacturers

3. Global development of production technology

Leveraging IoT technology and our extensive overseas business experience cultivated as a specialized trading company, we will support the overseas production of Japanese manufacturing companies, thereby contributing to the local and global deployment of production technology.

Specific Actions

Leveraging cutting-edge IoT technology and extensive overseas business experience, we will contribute to the local deployment of production technology by supporting overseas production of Japanese manufacturing companies

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan

FY2019 Initiative Results

1 Development of science and technology

Contribute to research, development, and advances in manufacturing technology in a wide range of fields

  • In 2019, we developed and released on the market the TM4000 II series of tabletop electron microscopes that realize even higher speed in elemental analysis together with other features. By enabling convenient operation and rapid analysis, we contribute to the evaluation of items developed in research and development efforts and to investigation and quality management in factories and other such front-line production settings. This also makes it possible to conveniently obtain transmitted electron images of microparticles, nanofiber, and other such nano materials as well as of the interior structure of cells and other such biological samples. In this way we contribute to the development of nanotechnology and to advances in pathology and regenerative medicine.
  • Since 2018, we have provided the analysis center at Vietnam National University with a TM4000 Plus tabletop electron microscope on loan at no charge (for a five-year period from 2018). This is supporting the development of analysis technicians in Vietnam and contributing to the development of science and technology and research and development in that country.

image:TM4000 II series of tabletop electron microscopes sees active use in a broad range of fields
TM4000 II series of tabletop electron microscopes sees active use in a broad range of fields

Global implementation of high-quality science education support activities

  • In Japan, we are cooperating with a variety of learning events, including educational outreach at elementary and junior high schools, loans of equipment to Super Science High Schools (SSH) designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, displays at science museums and special exhibitions, and so on.
  • In North America, South America, Canada, and Australia, we are coordinating with dealers and NPOs to hold meetings relating to education at universities, high schools, and elementary and junior high schools in all regions, as well as teacher education. We are also cooperating on activities at other community programs. In Asia and the ASEAN region, Group companies are engaging in continuing educational outreach activities. We began educational outreach at schools in India as a new activity in FY2019.
  • In FY2019, we provided courses to approximately 15,000 people worldwide.

image:Special lesson to junior high school students in Shanghai using a tabletop electron
Special lesson to junior high school students in Shanghai using a tabletop electron

2 Heighten efficiency of production sites

Contribute to heightened work efficiency in design operations and the front lines of skilled manufacturing through digital engineering solutions

  • By offering solutions that actively utilize 3D data and other design data makes it possible to prepare written work instructions on the shop floor more efficiently. In this and other such ways, we are contributing to streamlining, greater efficiency, and improved operations for manufacturers in the design and production workplace.
  • Solutions that make active use of AR* provide ways to combine physical information and digital information so that work instructions can be simplified. This is realizing increased speed of operation and reduced costs for the production lines at automotive, electrical and precision machinery, and other manufacturers.
  • * AR: Augmented reality

Support R&D operation in a wide-range field through the contract technology services in R&D evaluation

  • Having concluded a general agency contract with JAPAN TESTING LABORATORIE.Inc, we provide contract technology services that evaluate the reliability of products in the research and development stage by measurement, testing, and analysis. Utilizing JTL’s high-performance evaluation equipment and advanced evaluation technology, we contribute to the efficiency of evaluation work and speeding up of development in the research and development such as automobile manufacturers, by operating this business activity rapidly and with high accuracy.