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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

Establishing a sound management foundation is essential for the sustainable growth of a company. In order to increase corporate value over the long-term, Hitachi High-Tech Group will strive to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance and aim to be a company that is trusted and needed by society.

Action Targets

1. Realize sound governance

We will strive to improve the effectiveness of corporate governance by bolstering the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and strengthening and enhancing internal controls. In addition, we will endeavor to achieve sustainable growth and increase society’s trust in us by implementing initiatives such as compliance risk prevention measures and conducting education, and fostering a corporate culture that is open and compliant with laws.

Specific Actions

Improve corporate governance by increasing the effectiveness of Group companies' Board of Directors and reviewing the Group's overall system of rules

2. Ensure product safety

Providing customers with safety and peace of mind is a corporate social responsibility. By providing products that comply with laws and regulations and by working to eliminate product accidents, the Group aims to provide highly-safe products and thereby enhance competitiveness and increase the level of trust from society.

Specific Actions

Firmly instill a safety-first mentality through activities to further enhance product safety

  1. Implement S>>Q>D>C*
  2. Pick out and remove product safety accident risks and product-related legal violation risks
  • * S: Safety, Q: Quality, D: Delivery, C: Cost

3. Realize a CSR-based supply chain

By encouraging business operations with a strong awareness of corporate social responsibility, not only for the Group, but also for our partners and the entire supply chain, we aim to reduce environmental and human rights risks in the supply chain.

Specific Actions

  1. Hold briefings for business partners (2 times/year)
  2. Self-evaluations of new business partner using checklists

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan