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Status of Acquisition of Certifications Under ISO 14001

The Hitachi High-Tech Group is making a contribution to reducing the environmental load and to environment conservation while sustainably improving its environmental activities. This effort is made by organizing and maintaining a system for environmental activities, by undertaking environmental education and training, and by setting and tackling specific activity objectives and targets under the environmental management systems based on the international standard ISO 14001.
The status of acquisition of certifications by business sites inside and outside Japan is provided in the following list. The head office, branches in Japan and five Group sales companies, the Naka Division and three Group manufacturing companies have individually obtained integrated certifications and are promoting and implementing effective and efficient environmental activities by beefing up their activities that are well harmonized at these sites.

Status of Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certifications by Hitachi High-Tech Group Companies

(As of April 2022)

Japan Date of Certification Acquisition(*1) Accreditation and Registration Body
Head Office and branches in Japan of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation August 1999 Japan Audit and Certification Organization (JACO)
Head Office of Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation
Hitachi High-Tech Nexus Corporation
Head Office of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation
Head Office of Hitachi High-Tech Support Corporation
Naka Division of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation September 1996 JACO
Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service Corporation
Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation Mito Division
Hitachi High-Tech Kyushu Corporation
Kasado Division of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation(*2) December 1997 JACO
Hitachi High-Tech Fielding Corporation November 1998 TÜV
Fuji Oyama Site of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation August 1998 Bureau Veritas Japan
Status of Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certifications by Hitachi High-Tech Group Companies outside Japan
Outside Japan Date of Certification Acquisition(*1) Accreditation and Registration Body
Hitachi High-Tech Europe GmbH
Head Office
March 2005 Intertek
Hitachi High-Tech Europe GmbH
Mannheim Office
Hitachi High-Tech (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Head Office
September 2008 URS
Hitachi High-Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Head Office(*3)
August 2009 JACO
Hitachi High-Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Office(*3)
Hitachi High-Tech Hong Kong Limited(*3)
Hitachi High-Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.(*3)
Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation
Head Office
October 2018 SGS
Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation
Hsinchu Office
Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation
Taichung Office
Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation
Tainan Office
Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou), Ltd. August 2010 TÜV
Hitachi Instrument (Dalian) co., ltd February 2015 TÜV
Status of Acquisition of ISO 14001 Certifications by the Hitachi High-Tech Group (as of April 2021)
Category Number of Companies Certified*4 Percentage Certified*5
Japan 9 companies 100%
Outside Japan 8 companies 23%
Total 17 companies 39%
Above sites have completed transition to ISO 14001:2015
The Kasado area of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation acquired certification as one activity unit inside the EMS site of the Railway Systems Business Unit of Hitachi, Ltd.
The business group of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation in China has acquired certification under the extended certification of the Group sales companies of Hitachi High-Tech in Japan.
Includes companies under which only some sites have acquired certification.
Covers corporations within a scope of Hitachi High-Tech and its consolidation. (Nine companies in Japan, 35 companies outside Japan)

Environmental Audit

The business sites of Group companies conduct periodic environmental audits (self-audit, internal audit, and periodical assessment by outside accreditation bodies) to check the effectiveness of management systems, so as to verify whether or not management systems under ISO 14001 are appropriately operated and maintained.

Internal audits are performed by auditors who are approved by an outside accreditation body or other organization. Training is provided to internal auditors before audits are undertaken to upgrade the quality of audits. At Hitachi High-Tech, reciprocal audits are conducted once a year, including for Group companies. The level of audits is enhanced by sharing know-how and measures taken among internal auditors. In FY2020, there were no serious violations of environmental laws that could affect people or the global environment.