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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

The Social initiatives of Hitachi High-Tech is introduced below, divided into seven categories.

Respect for Human Rights

Based on the Hitachi High-Tech Group Human Rights Policy, we respect those of all stakeholders.

Labor Practices

We will strive to enhance both productivity and our organizational strength by developing an environment accommodative to various working styles.

Human Resource Development

We are working on the development of personnel with a global outlook and the fostering of a corporate culture that grows on a global level as the policies in our human resource development initiatives.

Health and Safety Programs

We are committed to maintaining and improving health and safety management standards, such as the enhancement of health management and prevention of work-related accidents.

Product Responsibility

We are working to increase customer satisfaction support throughout the entire Group.

Collaboration with Our Partners (Suppliers)

We endeavor to build good relationships of trust with all of our suppliers. In this context, we are working with partners who demonstrate consideration for CSR.


We fulfill our social obligations as a corporate citizen through activities that leverage our business characteristics.