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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Social Background

Corporate enterprises can only exist based on a healthy society and sustained growth. Companies are therefore expected to contribute to creating and supporting a better society as members of said society. Amid diversifying communication methods due to the spread of social networking sites (SNS), companies‘ communication with communities and society is also becoming more important.

Objective of Hitachi's Community Efforts

Based on its desire to be a needed local presence as a corporate citizen, the Hitachi High-Tech Group continues to work on building positive relations by contributing to local communities through its business activities and using its resources to contribute to communities‘ growth and to solving the problems that these communities are confronting. Continuous communication with stakeholders like local communities leads to proper understanding of corporate activities and helps raise awareness and build a brand, which makes it an important asset in attracting customers, students, and employees over the long term.


1. Local Exchange through ”Cougars”

The women’s basketball team Cougars, located in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Hitachinaka City, gives basketball lessons at preschools near Hitachinaka and holds basketball clinics for elementary and middle school students around the country, actively participating in exchange activities with local citizens and contributing to promoting local sports.
As an element of their support for people with disabilities, the team also visits the social welfare service corporation Jiritsu Hoshikai’s Ibaraki Welfare Factory for a social gathering each year. In FY2020, team members made a video of stretching exercises that people can do at home and posted it on the Cougars home page as a new activity for social responsibility making use of the web.

2. Initiatives in Cooperation with Nonprofit Organizations

Hitachi High-Tech serves as a member of the executive committee of a charity used book market consisting of six companies headquartered in Tokyo’s Minato Ward and the nonprofit organization Minato Shogaisha Fukushi Jigyodan to hold the annual charity event ”Connecting Minato through Books - Charity Used Book Market“ at the Lifelong Learning Center of Minato Ward. (The FY2020 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) At the market, employees of the participating companies sold books they brought in and donated the profits to the Fukushi Jigyodan. The donations are used to support independent living for people with disabilities in Minato Ward.

3. Collaboration with Katsuta Marathon

The Katsuta Marathon is held in January every year, and numerous employees of Hitachi High-Tech participate as event management volunteers, working on preparing the course, registering runners, and other such activities.
The Katsuta Marathon is a citizens‘ marathon that brings together over 10,000 runners from all over the country. The 68th Marathon in 2019 was a spectacular event attended by more than 25,000 people. The FY2020 event was the 69th Katsuta Online Marathon held from January 18-31, 2021. Hitachi High-Tech will continue cooperating on the marathon to help ensure its smooth administration and operation in the future.

4. Activities of Hitachi High-Tech America

  • Donations to Food Banks
    As in previous years, our offices in Oregon, Texas, and southern California made donations again in FY2020 to organizations operating food banks for people who are going hungry due to poverty or various other difficulties in their lives.
  • Presents for Children Struggling with Pediatric Illness
    In December 2020, our Oregon office donated decorative furnishings, stuffed animals, and other goods through welfare organizations to make hospital rooms brighter and more enjoyable for children who are struggling with pediatric illness.

5. Disaster Relief Activities

In the event of natural disasters at Hitachi High-Tech Group locations, the company offers support in the form of providing disaster relief funds and by other means, with the aim of supporting its local communities.