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Hitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

We fulfill our social obligations as a corporate citizen by leveraging the business characteristics of the Hitachi High-Tech Group to contribute to local areas and communities.

Social Background

One common social issue faced by developed countries is that many children have few opportunities to develop an interest in science, making it difficult to nurture human resources with a background in science. The loss of interest in science among children and students leads to difficulties for corporations in securing personnel to conduct R&D and to reduced corporate competitiveness. This issue has the potential to impede and delay the development of science and technology for society as a whole. The United Nations SDGs are a common priority for the international community. Goal 4 of the SDGs is “Quality Education.” This goal calls upon the international community to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.
Ongoing communication with local communities and other stakeholders leads to increased corporate visibility and fosters its brand, and is an important asset in attracting customers, students and employees over the long term. With the spread of social networking services, the ways we communicate have also diversified, which has further increased the importance of communication with our communities and the public in general.

Hitachi High-Tech’s Targeted Direction

We believe that measures addressing sustained social contribution activities are essential to increasing corporate value over the medium and long-terms. Based on this belief, the Hitachi High-Tech Group has designated “human resource development,” “environmental conservation,” and “local contribution” as focus areas for its social contribution activities and is taking action in each of these areas in anticipation of conditions 10 and 20 years from now. We are pursuing activities while remaining mindful of CSV*. Under the CSV approach, value is created through activities closely linked to our core business and by applying the resources we have cultivated in that business to the resolution of social issues. We will help to solve social issues such as the loss of interest in science by supporting science education, which leverages our technology and products including scientific instruments to the maximum extent possible, and through unique social contribution activities, which leverage the skills and knowledge of our employees. That, it turn, leads to building relationships of trust with our stakeholders, and over the long term, an increase in corporate brand recognition and visibility and the ability to secure talented human resources.

  • * CSV: Creating Shared Value

Supporting Science Education

The problem of losing of interest in science among children and students is an important issue to be tackled in relation to the education of the personnel who will be the driving force behind the industry of the future. Our basic principle is “value creation through high-tech solutions,” and the Group, which has a business foundation of science and technology, will contribute to professional education and the development of society by conducting science education. That leverages our technology and products to the maximum extent possible, with a focus on our physical and chemical apparatus.

We conduct activities to support science education, using tabletop electron microscopes that are manufactured and sold by Hitachi High-Tech. We support a range of educational events, such as special lessons for elementary and junior high schools as well as displays at science museums and exhibitions, with the aim of stimulating children' s interest in science and technology through the experience of observing familiar specimens on a microscopic scale.

Global Environmental Conservation

The Hitachi High-Tech Group encourages environmental business and environmental management based on the Hitachi Group’s Environmental Vision. On the one hand, we contribute to environmental conservation through our regular business, on the other we promote activities for global environmental conservation activities, such as the conservation of ecosystems in the local area through various activities by companies, as well as employees and their families.

Local Area and Other Contributions

We work closely with our stakeholders when conducting our business activities. The local community is also an important stakeholder, hence we work hard to build good relationships with local communities.

Activities at Hitachi High-Technologies America

Delivering food

In FY2017, the Greenville (South Carolina) office continued the volunteer program it has implemented since FY2015, under which it delivers food to people with illnesses or disabilities and those unable to leave their homes, such as elderly people in need of assistance.

Donating toys

In December of 2017, the San Francisco, Oregon, and Dallas offices collected and donated toys and clothing as part of an event held by a charity that donates new toys to children in need.

Inviting employees' children to the workplace

On April 27, 2017, employees’ children were invited to the Dallas and Chicago offices to watch their parents work, giving them an opportunity to think about their future careers. The children were able to tour the office or take part in workshops, if they wanted to.

Local Community-Related Data Highlight
  Unit FY 2013 FY 2014 FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017
CSR expenditures *¹ Million Yen 41 51 48 77 98
Science classes in Japan *² Person 2,422 1,969 2,948 8,007 11,069
Total expenditures on operation of voluntary programs, as well as employee participation, dispatch, and donations to CSR activities (including donation 179,000 yen to non-profit organizations in 2017) (individual results for Hitachi High-Tech)
The number of participants in FY2017 includes the number of device users at schools designated as Super Science High School (SSH).