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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Approach

The Hitachi High-Tech Group is committed to maintaining and improving health and safety management standards, such as the enhancement of health management and prevention of work-related accidents based on the Hitachi Group's health and safety policy, which makes the health and safety of employees a key priority.

The Hitachi Group Health and Safety Policy (excerpt)

"Health and Safety Comes First."
In accordance with our mission, "Contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products," and as a global corporate group whose business is based on close partnerships with society, the Hitachi Group will endeavor to ensure safe and healthy workplaces under the principle of "Health and Safety Always Comes First" in all of our business activities.


Safety Initiatives

At Hitachi High-Tech, we hold a Group Health and Safety Conference each half-year for the people responsible for the promotion of health and safety in the workplace, led by the officer responsible for health and safety (CHRO*/CRO*), so that we can improve health and safety activities and the level of health and safety throughout the Group. The officer responsible for health and safety acts as the chair of the conference. If it is determined that there have been any major accidents or that there are notable issues with safety management, the workplace in question will be designated as a priority safety management workplace, and we will ensure that reforms are implemented swiftly, in accordance with the standards related to the priority safety management designation system. To investigate and deliberate on matters relating to disaster prevention and health management at each workplace, and conduct improvements, the Hitachi High-Tech health and safety committee actively engages in risk assessments and the implementation of intrinsic safety* in production equipment at our manufacturing sites through a voluntary and structured occupational health and safety management system.

  • * CHRO: Chief Human Resources Officer
  • * CRO: Chief Risk management Officer
  • * Intrinsic safety: The elimination or reduction of any elements and factors that can pose a hazard to safety.

Health and Safety Committee

Photo: Safety Presentation
Safety Presentation

The Health and Safety Committee consists of employees with experience in health and safety such as safety and health managers, representatives of trade unions, and industrial physicians. It discusses minimization of safety risks based on deliberations on establishment and revision of health and safety regulations and standards as well as on employees’ opinions.
In addition, we carry out safety-inspection patrols and have safety diagnosis and safety presentations conducted by external experts at our manufacturing sites in an effort to further strengthen our safety management initiatives through employee participation.

Performance Data

Occurrence of Occupational Accidents

The company, along with all other Hitachi High-Tech Group companies, is promoting all kinds of safety activities, with the goal of zero occupational accidents. In FY2018, 12 accidents not accompanied by lost worktime occurred in the Group, but there have been no accidents more serious than those requiring time off work over the last three years.
We will continue to provide safety education and implement safety management with the aim of eliminating occupational accidents.

Occurrences of Occupational Accidents


Occurrences of Occupational Accidents
Year 2016 2017 2018
Number of fatalities Hitachi High-Tech Group 0 0 0
Whole Hitachi Group 1 0 0
Lost-time incident Hitachi High-Tech Group 0 0 0
Whole Hitachi Group 68 92 67
Accidents not accompanied by time off work Hitachi High-Tech Group 17 17 12
Whole Hitachi Group 243 263 246
Total Hitachi High-Tech Group 17 17 12
Whole Hitachi Group 312 355 313

Lost-time Incident Rate

Graph of Lost-time Incident Rate

  • * Accident rate calculated as number of occupational deaths and injuries/gross hours worked × 1,000,000


Revitalizing Group-wide Health and Safety Activities

To improve the standard of health and safety activities throughout the Group, we have established the High-Tech Group Health and Safety Coordinators' Committee. This committee helps to revitalize Group-wide health and safety activities through presentations introducing examples of health and safety initiatives at each Group company and exchanges of views on these, as well as organizing special lectures by guest lecturers from outside the company, to increase members' knowledge of issues common throughout the Group.

Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

Photo: First aid course at head office
First aid course at head office

As with our safety activities, we proactively undertake Group-wide disaster risk reduction activities. In addition to conducting regular evacuation drills, we endeavor to enhance our systems and raise awareness among our employees through initiatives such as courses to train them in the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillators), so that they can act independently in the event of an emergency.

We have also set up in-house fire brigades at each manufacturing base. These conduct regular firefighting drills to ensure that they are prepared for any unforeseen situations.

Photo: Firefighting drill at our Naka Division
Firefighting drill at our Naka Division

Photo: Firefighting drill at our Naka Division
Firefighting drill at our Naka Division

Photo: Vehicles that are wheelchair accessible
Vehicles that are wheelchair accessible

Occupational Health Activities

Mental health workshop

Photo: Mental health workshop
Mental health workshop

We are implementing health promotion measures and enhancing health education among our employees. Initiatives in this area include efforts to reduce overtime hours, encourage employees to take advantage of special health check-ups and other medical examinations, and improve awareness of health management through education focused on this subject. In addition, we believe that enhancing mental health care for employees is an important task for the Group. We are regularly conducting mental health education for "line care" (routine support provided by line managers) and training on how to cope with stress (understanding your own stress and dealing with it appropriately) with a view toward strengthening self-care. We are also developing initiatives throughout the Group, including the expansion of counseling services in partnership with external EAP bodies and the offering of referrals to specialist physicians.

2019 Certified Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500) Recognition

Logo of Health and Productivity

Hitachi High-Tech was recognized in 2019 by the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations Recognition Program. Launched in FY2016, the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program aims to create an environment fostering social recognition of "organizations engaging in strategic health and productivity management program* efforts for maintaining their employees' health from a management perspective" by showcasing such outstanding enterprises working to tackle health-related challenges in communities, promote health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and so forth.
We received high grades on criteria pertaining to the evaluation of programs and actions including awareness and response to health issues, and assessment and improvement including barometers for gauging health. We will continue striving to maintain and improve our safety management level, while engaging in efforts to invigorate our organization, including increasing employees' activity and productivity.

  • * Strategic health and productivity management program efforts for maintaining employees' health from a management perspective. By investing in employees' health, based on our corporate philosophy, we expect invigoration of our organization, including an increase in employees' activity and productivity, which will lead to improved company performance and an increase in share prices.

Evaluation of Health & Safety Risks

With regard to work methods, and handling of machinery and chemicals during assembly, production, etc., mainly at manufacturing sites, until now the company and all other Hitachi High-Tech Group companies have implemented periodic (annual) risk assessment, aimed at reducing employee health and safety risks. We have also conducted risk assessment as necessary upon making changes to equipment or the chemicals we deal with. In FY2019, we will set up a committee to support each worksite’s health and safety activities under the Group Health and Safety Conference, in order to further improve health and safety activities and the standard of management throughout the Group. The committee members—among whom will be experts in electronics, mechanics, chemistry, heavy equipment, etc.—will patrol each site, and evaluate the risk of accident occurrence. In addition, they will seek to improve health and safety management throughout the Group by developing and sharing good practices and examples of necessary improvements at each workplace across the Group.