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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Approach

The Group regards people themselves as one of the assets of a company and we believe that improving the value of each and every individual as a human resource leads directly to sustainable value creation throughout the Group. Based on this view, we have adopted the development of personnel with a global outlook and the fostering of a corporate culture that grows on a global level as the main policies in our human resource development initiatives, which encompass all staff.


Management Education Committee

We endeavor to ensure ongoing verification and improvement of our human resource development initiatives via the Management Education Committee, which meets twice a year. Based on the cultivation of personnel with a global outlook, our educational programs are organized into categories and systematically implemented.

Education System (FY2020)
image: Diagram of Education System (FY2020) 1

image: Diagram of Education System (FY2020) 2


Cultivating Personnel with a Global Outlook

We actively post young employees overseas with a view to cultivating personnel capable of doing business with a global perspective. Young employees are trained overseas via a one-year overseas training program or a foreign study program paid for by the company and a short-term overseas posting program. In addition, we are striving to enhance our efforts to cultivate overseas subsidiary employees, so that they can play an active role in our businesses. To this end, we also offer various global management training courses, which bring together participants from a variety of countries and regions.

Cultivating Skilled Manufacturing Personnel

Our ability to manufacture high-tech products such as semiconductor testers and analyzers is underpinned by our ceaseless development of cutting-edge technology and the highest-possible level of skill in translating this technology into products. For many years, as part of our proactive endeavors to cultivate technicians, we have taken on the challenge of entering the annual National Skills Competition and National Abilympics, and have produced many medalists, both at the national and the international level.

image:National Abilympics medalists
National Abilympics medalists

image:Yuto Kikuchi, winner of the silver medal in the CNC milling machine category at the international competition
Yuto Kikuchi, winner of the silver medal in the CNC milling machine category at the international competition

image:Tatsuya Numahata, a mechanical drawing CAD operator, was the flag bearer at the international competition opening ceremony
Tatsuya Numahata, a mechanical drawing CAD operator, was the flag bearer at the international competition opening ceremony

At the 57th National Skills Competition and the 39th National Abilympics, held in November 2019 in Aichi Prefecture, a total of 12 company employees competed in six skill categories, winning a gold medal in mechatronics, a bronze medal in mechanical drawing, and a Fighting Spirit Prize in the milling machine category in the National Skills Competition. At the 45th World Skills Competition held in August of that year in Kazan, our employees won a silver medal in the CNC milling machine category and a Fighting Spirit Prize in the mechanical engineering CAD category. This year, 13 of our employees will compete in the 58th National Skills Competition and 40th National Abilympics to be held in Aichi Prefecture in November. We will continue our efforts to develop human resources who are able to display the highest levels of technical skills in a broad range of fields.

Supporting Career Development

The Group implements policies to support career development that emphasize the meaningfulness of work to individual employees as well as their purposes and values. We strive not only to maximize each employee's abilities and creativity, but to increase our corporate value by linking individual growth with the success and growth of the organization. Along with fostering strong individuals who can think and act for themselves (individual self-reliance and self-discipline), we are developing mechanisms for putting individuals' intentions and motivations into action within the organization, and helping to promote mutual understanding that creates a sense of unity and teamwork in order to enhance our organizational strength and performance. We are implementing training for young employees and subordinate management training for management staff, and we have opened a career consultation room to provide individual career consultation.
We have also introduced a short work time program for career development recognized by the company and a program under which employees can take leave for the purpose of overseas study, self-development, and volunteer work.

Fair Performance Appraisals and Performance-related Pay

Basic Approach

We are striving to ensure the highest possible level of motivation and maximize the potential of each and every employee, and to create an environment that gives our staff greater job satisfaction. To this end, the Group is building and operating a fair and transparent personnel treatment system.

Ongoing Review of Our Personnel Treatment System

Our current personnel treatment system was introduced in 2004, following full-scale revisions aimed at promoting a more merit-based system and thorough implementation of performance-related pay. It sought to increase motivation among employees by shifting from the existing seniority-based system to a merit- and performance-based system.
In light of changes both within the company and in wider society since the system's introduction, we have reviewed our personnel system as a whole, including the treatment of personnel, and partially revised the system in FY2010, with the aim of further motivating young leaders and mid-ranking employees in the workplace. In FY 2015, we introduced a business management and results evaluation system, which focuses on performance. Our personnel treatment system for those in managerial roles has been transitioned from the previous merit basis to a role basis. We have been successively transitioning to the new model at domestic and international Group companies since FY2016, while giving consideration to the circumstances of each individual company. Thus, we are promoting the rebuilding of a personnel treatment system with common concepts throughout the Hitachi High-Tech Group globally.
Going forward we will continue to promote in-depth discussion based on actual challenges in each workplace and make ongoing wide-ranging improvements aimed at creating a personnel system that motivates each and every employee, giving them a sense of job satisfaction.

Fair and Impartial Operation

As business become more globalized, it is becoming ever more necessary to create a global business structure. We employ a diverse range of people, regardless of nationality, and are creating a mechanism for management with a consistent approach to remuneration so that employees can work actively with a high level of engagement.
To ensure the fair and impartial operation of this system, we regularly provide training for those in managerial posts who are responsible for conducting personnel appraisals. In addition, the Labor-Management Expert Committee on the Personnel Treatment System meets annually, providing a forum for regular discussions between labor and management concerning pay and qualifications. As well as carrying out annual wage revisions and confirming qualification ratings, members of this committee engage in a frank exchange of views concerning the personnel treatment system.

Procedure for Resolving Appraisal-related Issues

We have set out a procedure for resolving any issues in the event that an employee queries his or her own appraisal. As well as establishing a three-stage resolution process as part of this procedure, we have issued a declaration that employees who have applied for resolution of an issue will not be disadvantaged and that their privacy will be fully protected in the resolution process, in order to ensure fairness for our employees.