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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

The Hitachi High-Tech Group strives to improve quality and safety and enhance customer support throughout the entire Group, from the planning and design of products through to manufacture, shipping and service.

Policy (Quality Assurance Policy)

We are evolving quality improvement activities for our products and services based on the Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct. By having put in place product quality standards that reflect the safety knowhow that we have accumulated, as well as product safety design standards, and are implementing them on a group-wide basis besides domestic and international laws and safety standards, we provide customers with higher-quality, safer products. Moreover, we are willing to seek the opinions and requests of our customers and reflect them in improvements to product quality and safety.

Providing High-Quality and Highly Safe Products and Services

  1. We will provide products and services that meet the needs and requirements of our customers, complying with relevant laws and standards and ensuring quality and safety by setting additional standards of our own where necessary.
  2. We will communicate with customers sincerely, address defects and customer complaints quickly and in good faith, and strive to determine causes in order to eliminate them and prevent recurrence.

(Extract from the Hitachi High-Tech Group Code of Conduct)


Quality Creations

The Design and Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, and Service Divisions implement activities to ensure the quality and safety of products. Using product management techniques according to individual product contributes to provide better products. Furthermore, the Sales Department and the Service Department cooperate to deliver customers’ feedbacks to manufacturing sites, so that we ensure to generate quality as a unified company.

Quality Creation System
Diagram of Quality Creation System


Quality Improvement Activities

Information about the occurrence of issues with the functionality of products, etc., based on self-imposed standards that provide for quality management of products is shared within the Hitachi High-Tech Group’s Quality Assurance Departments. Problems with products and services are revealed through this process. Thus, we strive for continuous improvement with an eye to quality improvement of all related products.
Further improvements in quality have been implemented for all of the Group’s products and services based on analyses of the results of our annual customer satisfaction surveys, conducted by the Service Division.

Dealing with Quality Issues

Photo: Top management briefing
Top management briefing

In case issues arise with products or services, the relevant departments will convey the information without delay in accordance with pre-determined rules, and promptly resolve the issue. Top management will be promptly briefed if an issue is severe. We will also endeavor to swiftly implement measures to keep the impact on related parties, and customers in particular, to a minimum.

Quality and Reliability Education

Photo: Product safety seminar
Product safety seminar

We continuously improve individual skills and strengthen our manufacturing ability
through seminars. They teach technology and skills relating to reliability and product safety, etc., for engineers at product technology departments, such as the Design Department and the Quality Assurance Departments.

Customer Support

Customer Support Systems

At Hitachi High-Tech Fielding we provide servicing and maintenance, as well as solutions, to our customers' various issues in order to consistently maximize the performance of the products we supply to them, and thereby, contribute to our customers' businesses. In addition, we created a system for reliable customer responses at any time, 24 hours a day, according to the particulars of the contract, with the Customer Support Center serving as a consultation desk for inquiries and orders from domestic customers.

Photo: The Customer Support Center
The Customer Support Center, where specialized service engineers are present, checks customer information and past support history and responds appropriately.

Customer Satisfaction

Conducting Persistent Improvement to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Hitachi High-Tech Group is making efforts to contribute to resolving social issues by providing customer-oriented solutions as part of its mission to help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses. Aspiring to be a trusted company in providing products and services, we have obtained ISO9001 certification, an international quality management standard, and we are working to improve customer satisfaction.
In addition to asking customers to complete a survey to help us gain an understanding of customer satisfaction levels, we also have implemented other ideas, such as ordering undercover reviews from specialist companies so that we can receive an unfiltered opinions, and holding meetings and interviews with customers to promote mutual understanding. We strive to keep improving our products and services by revising business processes in response to the valuable opinions and requests of our customers.